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Half-Life 3???—ts2do 16:22, 14 Apr 2006 (PDT)

Looks like a wild guess. Especially because all other Valve games have IDs < 1000. --Koraktor


Check out these:

void CBaseEntity::DoImpactEffect( trace_t &tr, int nDamageType )
void C_HL2MP_Player::DoImpactEffect( trace_t &tr, int nDamageType )
void C_TEHL2MPFireBullets::CreateEffects( void )
void CBaseEntity::TraceAttack( const CTakeDamageInfo &info, const Vector &vecDir, trace_t *ptr )

Your answer probably lies somewhere in there—ts2do 17:42, 17 Apr 2006 (PDT)

Steam Application IDs

I'm changing the AppIDs based on the information inside of the ClientRegistry.blob. That's it! --Koraktor

my talk

i talk in my language, but can talk english. DONT READ MY POSTS if u dont like the way i tlk. i spend hours on MSN so that should explain my language. my keyboards dodgy aswell. dont skit, dude. and im 14.!YOU GOT A PROBLEM, BUB!

(also depends on what posts you have read)
This message came about because of this post. I presume he read what ts2do had said on Dutchmega's page and got confused. Giles 16:19, 24 Apr 2006 (PDT)
sorry about that generaleskimo dutchmega confused me. im really really sorry but i did what the page said for once (lol) sorry again :)
it's cool, just remember, this is a place for developers to collaborate, so try to stay nice :) -General Eskimo


Could you add me at MSN/Gtalk?