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$modelname props\de_dust\palm2.mdl
$modelname props\de_dust\Palm2.mdl
$body "Body" "Palm2.smd"
$body "Body" "Palm2.smd"

Revision as of 03:57, 1 December 2006

Hey, you posted on my model compiling question in the Help Desk about the "Can't load MaterialSystem.dll" error I'm getting and said you'd like to see my .qc file.

Well here it is:

$modelname props\de_dust\Palm2.mdl

$body "Body" "Palm2.smd"

$cdmaterials models\de_dust\objects

// Model uses material "palm_tree_branches.vmt"

// Model uses material "palm_tree_trunk.vmt"

$scale 1.0


$surfaceprop "wood_solid"

$sequence idle "idle" loop fps 15.00

I've been mapping since HL1, but I'm new to messing with modeling for HL2. Anyway, I've decompiled the de_dust palm tree and scaled it up to full scale so I can just use it in my map because using the skybox palm head model, parts of it are hidden behind my cliff in the map, creating an illusion that the tree top takes up half the sky. Now that I went to recompile it, I'm getting this error.

Thanks for any help you can give me.--Font38 19:26, 30 Nov 2006 (PST)