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Hey, thanks for doing some Russian translations for us :) Looks like you've put in a lot of work! --Daedalus 19:18, 16 Mar 2007 (PDT)

Now if only I could speak Russian I could tell if you did a good job :P --Angry Beaver 23:06, 16 Mar 2007 (PDT)
I was thinking that myself, but I figure with all the work he's putting into it, it deserves a thanks regardless of the quality. He's even doing TEMPLATES man! --Daedalus 06:48, 17 Mar 2007 (PDT)
I know I'm just being the light hearted ribbing, it great to see it done even though I wont really use it --Angry Beaver 13:27, 17 Mar 2007 (PDT)


Dont worry about quality. =) I know Source's basics, and I wanna to do a good russian version of this. Also I everytime consulting with russian HL2 mappers community about quality of translaton.

P.S. How you do reply messages on this page?

As I have done, you simply place a colon : before your message, directly under the message you wish to reply to.
Use two for the next reply.
Basically, just use one more colon than the person you're replying to :) --Daedalus 23:04, 17 Mar 2007 (PDT)
Yes, it is what I expect. But your mesages looks like automatic-formatted, I mean they have username, time, date and (PDT) signature. You just insert this manually? --CoolSpot 05:02, 18 Mar 2007 (PDT)