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You done a whois yet? It's obviously Valve - 'Network Solutions Private Registration' be damned. —Cargo Cult (info, talk) 07:13, 6 Sep 2006 (PDT)

Valve Corporation
   c/o Network Solutions
   P.O. Box 447
   Herndon, VA.  20172-0447


   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      Valve Corporation         [email protected]
      c/o Network Solutions
      P.O. Box 447
      Herndon, VA 20172-0447

   Record expires on 20-Jul-2016.
   Record created on 20-Jul-2006.
   Database last updated on 6-Sep-2006 10:11:00 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


This listing is a Network Solutions Private Registration. Mail
correspondence to this address must be sent via USPS Express Mail(TM) or
USPS Certified Mail(R); all other mail will not be processed. Be sure to
include the registrant's domain name in the address.
  • I had no need. If the domain points to one of Valve's servers, it's obviously uh, Valve's. --AndrewNeo 13:25, 6 Sep 2006 (PDT)

Hmm, this is pretty interesting. Tey typing in different things. I got a response for just plain "?". Also type "user" and it will ask you for a name and password. I'm going to keep fooling around with this. :) --Cartosis 09:31, 6 Sep 2006 (PDT)

The password is "portal". That was a real tough one :/ Typing "Lib" or "help" after logging in will give you some commands, still playing around with these --Cartosis 09:35, 6 Sep 2006 (PDT)

I've got an unique identification number now :P --dutchmega

Ok after this point typing "apply" will run some sort of computerized testing with problem solving questions. :o Wow it gets pretty creepy at the end, it may be a good idea to wrtie down that really long number that flashes across the screen, you need to enter it again at the end. "Relaxation Vault" :( --Cartosis 09:41, 6 Sep 2006 (PDT)

  • And thanks everyone for this stuff but I've already looked at it's ActionScript and know everything it can do. --AndrewNeo 13:25, 6 Sep 2006 (PDT)
This application/program/weird stuff is really making me crazy.. the questions are just, well, let's say "from another world". I'm wondering what's the purpose of this thing and if it's in relation with Portal or not. (it seems but in what kind of way ?) --NykO18
  • It certainly could be from another world.. say, the same way the G-Man is.. but yes, it is definately Portal related. If the being hosted on Valve servers, the name of the site, and the password to access it weren't enough of a clue. --AndrewNeo 14:54, 6 Sep 2006 (PDT)
Other-worldly? It wasn't all that dissimilar from the Belgian residency permit forms I was filling in earlier this morning. You, Sir, need to learn about bureaucracy. ;-) —Cargo Cult (info, talk) 02:47, 7 Sep 2006 (PDT)
  • Whatever ;) Anyway, please don't edit the page. It's my personal research, which is why it's under my User page and not on the main namespace. In any case, I don't want to state simply that the UID changes, I need to find why and where first. I do know where it comes from the first time, but there isn't anywhere explicit in the code that causes it to change at that prompt. The only problem is they're using loadVariables and I'd have to debug the app to see that stuff. Hmm... next step: Flash debugging! --AndrewNeo 08:19, 7 Sep 2006 (PDT)
I suggest you have a note at the top of the page telling authors and editors to not edit the page as its your own research, anways, great job so far. --Brad Newsom

It's probably something to keep fools like us busy... :P --dutchmega 03:08, 7 Sep 2006 (PDT)

  • Probably! But it's fun. Valve's still creative as always. --AndrewNeo 08:19, 7 Sep 2006 (PDT)