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Use the preview button s'il vous plait. :) --Baliame (talk) 11:30, 12 Nov 2008 (PST)

Ok sorry. Anarkia

désolé pour l'edit en même temps j'ai pas pensé que l'heure du site était pas l'heure française quand j'ai vu 19H ^^'

French article and category titles

Bonjour. Your work on the French documentation pages has been excellent and is appreciated. However, it is important that the page and names titles remain in English with the format of pagetitle:fr as per the language guidelines at Valve Developer Community:Alternative Languages. This is partially due to a technical limitation of our current software. Page and titles and categories with non-English characters (such as "é" or "ê") do not get backed up correctly in the database. It is not a problem to use non-English text in the links on the category pages, but the pages themselves cannot contain these characters.

I'm going through and moving a number of these pages to match this format. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. --JeffLane 16:08, 8 Dec 2008 (PST)

En français:
Bonjour. Vos contributions aux pages de documentation Francaise sont excellentes et appréciées. Cependent, il est important que les titres des pages et noms restent en Anglais avec le format pagetitle:fr selon les directives dans Valve Developer Community:Alternative Languages. Ceci est partiellement du a une limitation technique de notre logiciel courant. Les titres des pages et categories qui contiennent des caracteres non-Anglais (par example, "é" ou "ê") ne sont pas saufgardés correctement dans la base de donnees. Vous pouvez utiliser du texte Francais dans les liens qui sont contenus dans le texte des pages de categorie, mais les titres des pages et categories eux-memes ne doivent pas contenir ces caracteres non-Anglais.
Par example:
[[Lumières Dynamiques:fr]]
doit etre:
[[Advanced Lighting:fr|Lumières Dynamiques:fr]]
J’ai deplacé quelques-une de ces pages pour satisfaire ce format et j’ai enlevé les originaux. Vos pages n’ont pas étées supprimées, juste retitré. Veuillez lire Category:French et Category:Lighting System:fr pour une liste de ces pages. --JeffLane 15:44, 10 Dec 2008 (PST)

Ok very thanks. Anarkia 11/21/08.

SDK Docs

J'ai mis à jour SDK Docs:fr correspond à la version anglaise de la page. Y at-il eu un problème avec lui? --TomEdwards 14:42, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

Avec cette mise à jour je perd les liens "general" et "systeme de lumières". Anarkia777
Il serait mieux si vous avez inséré les deux liens, plutôt que d'annuler la totalité de changement. ;-) --TomEdwards 15:13, 22 July 2009 (UTC)
Oh ok, np. thx.

why still this one in WIP state and open new one?

why have you c/p this one :

When you kept unfinished the followings started by you:$selfillum:fr$alpha:fr$envmapmask:fr$alpha:fr$bumpmap:fr$envmap:fr$nocull:fr$translucent:fr

and why you said "vavle" everytime, it's "valve" ?

Translating/making tutorial isn't a simple c/p and voilà. And don't said "do it yourself", if you create them to force us to translate them, stop this, that's useless. We will create them ourself when needed during a translation.

Oh yes, thx for listing. This article need translate, I will do later because I am only one for translate. I thing it's good for new user, just clic edit and go... But can you stop spam still for complain? Can you help? It will be better...
Prop_Data:fr : I translate it now.Anarkia777.
I have already contribute to this wiki man... and when I try to fix your article you complain about it and revert modification. And once more you still be saractic when I only ask a question...
Your last modofication it was very bad, you write this on a template : CET ARTICLE A ETE TRADUIS A LA SAUVETTE. And after you speak very angry, and very bad.... Stop spam for the 8 time. If you continued you will be ban, why do you want that? Thx. Anarkia777.
Because it is badly translated, and it's a simple template... and your liying bad : it's definition for "frenchglish" word and you remove them:twice! and here is my fix of your mistake!
If you don't like critict, do nothing because you don't do it well, that's all. It's not why I'm anrgy, even if you think I am. I want a better wiki, and it's look like you don't want it. When everyone from each community said the same as me against you, even if I don't know theme. May be is because of you. You complain about deleting useless/untranslated page? Why you ask to delete used page : Who's spam and vandalise this wiki? absolutly not me!? Except in case of loosing my time to reply to your insult/sacracam etc.