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Client beta update 10/10/05

  • changes
    • changed install wizard defaults to launch game = false and create desktop shortcut = true
    • added TOOLS section in mini-games list, that only shows installed tools
    • added legal links to help menu
    • changed survey wizard and startup dialogs to not be modal
    • Added new steam://openurl/http://www.mod.url url handler, opens the given URL given the users default browser (for use in the storefront when opening mod homepages, rather than using target=_new and always getting IE) (not yet hooked up)
    • reduced the amount of CPU used by serverbrowser during full refresh
    • added system beep when trying to click away from a modal dialog to another dialog in the app
    • changed TextEntry to not cut/copy/paste with CTRL+X/C/V if the ALT keys is also pressed - this is to fix issues with european keyboards pasting when they're trying to type special characters
    • added scrollbar visible states to (interior) listpanel, htmlcontrol, sectionedlistpanel, richtextcontrol
    • adjusted layout of ssa wizard panel, game properties general tab, and purchase billing review page (widened rich text control)
    • increased minimum width of serverbrowser to 640 pixels to accomodate longer game names in filters area
    • added 'preparing games list..' to mini/maxi games lists for the times when steam takes way too long to load
    • made the label strings describing "keep up to date" settings parenthetical, to help indicate that they're not interactive & they're owned by the controls above them.
    • updated dialog layouts
      • cache validation
      • join game
      • game properties
      • about
    • adjusted border properties for HTML controls and listpanels
    • added scheme definition for progress bars
    • changed HTML controls to get their interior region (ie. full size minus scrollbar) just like every other controls, so that overridding based on parentage can work
    • added new scheme file state "scrollbar_visible" for defining how interior regions of HTML, ListPanel, RichText and SectionedListPanel controls get drawn

  • bug fixes
    • fixed case where the install wizard would open the games list over the top of the launch game dialog
    • fixed case where the games could be added to the games list with a blank text color
    • fixed type causing mods launched from shortcuts without steam running to not work
    • fixed clicking on 'My Games' tab showing a context menu
    • fixed mistyped space at start of a cybercafe dialog title string causing it not to be localized (Steam_CyberCafe_FeatureLocked_Title)
    • fixed crash in backup wizard if a drive root directory was selected in the DirectorySelectDialog
    • changed saving mod settings to use their mod name and not their gamedir in the registry path, as the gamedir may be a fullpath with special characters (eg. '\')
    • removed references to, updated them with
    • fixed TextImage drawing case where it would draw the character #0 at the end of the string, which on some systems draws a square
    • fixed regression with ENTER key not activating current button
    • fixed SectionedListPanel dead area appearing on right when scrollbar first disappears
    • Fixed HTML window losing its border and double buffering when multiple OpenURL() commands were issued in a short time (caused by IE making a brand new hwnd for each new request)
    • changed scheme iteration code to correctly look all the way up the parent hierarchy to get the control set name
    • added ISurface::GetWorkspaceBoundsMultiMonitor(), which returns the full combined workspace
      • changed many controls that try to keep themselves onscreen to using the correct function
      • fixed menus not opening on secondary display, and dialogs never saving position on secondary display across sessions
      • fixed TextEntry::GetText() not correctly null terminating the results of the wchar returned text copied from the vector, causing occasional crash opening game properties dialog