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  • Internet games tab in serverbrowser is slow with more than 1000 servers in the list.
  • Add a scrollbar in backup wizard when backing up more games than can fit on one page
  • Sometimes clickable menu items always appearing checked
    • Right click in games display to turn on/off display of columns to see this. All items always checked.
  • Text wrapping issue on labels, some text still appears to be cut off by a pixel or two (purchase case)
  • Pausing preload of RDKF didn't appear to work, still kept downloading (as shown in pre-load status dialog)
  • Some machines show squares when drawing empty columns
  • Add delete app in context menu
  • Pre-order now button on preload dialog should minimize the preload dialog, currently hides store
  • Support button changes to minigameslist, after going to mini-games list once
  • Purchase summary dialog has list going off the bottom of the page
  • Purchase summary dialog has "Steam Account" and the account name wrapping when they shouldn't
  • 'purchasing...' progress dialog doesn't have much room on the bottom
  • no progress moving when installing games( 'creating cache files' )
  • first-time install says 'updating', not 'dowloading'
  • If you have an out of date video card driver and try to connect to a server via the serverbrowser the command line is incorrect
  • All HL1-engine third-party mods are missing the last character from their name; Source Engine mods are not affected
  • Pause update from context menu, then launch game, context menu then says "Pause update" rather than "Resume update"
  • Starting up the SDK says "Prepairing to play Source SDK..." Saying "play" with a tool is.... weird.
  • Have a tab to the news page on the main screen instead of it opening a browser window?
  • If on the main window you move it so most of it hangs off the screen and then you click View > Switch to mini games list, when it does so, the mini games list appears off the screen. You need to restart Steam to get it back.
  • SDK has old style UI
  • Double-clicking the edge of a column in the Servers window resizes the column to the minimum width needed for the header to display fully, not for the longest cell in that column to display fully
  • Double-clicking the edge of a column in the My Games window tries to resize the column to the minimum width needed for the longest cell—but it's always about ten pixels (or two characters) too short
  • Unable to recreate but twice I have had a scrolling display suddenly jump back to the top of the page while using the mouse wheel to scroll down. Once in "Store" and once in third party mod list.
    • Ditto.
  • The "Valve Hardware Survey" dialog seems to be cutting off some text below the main textbox in the screen that shows what information will be submitted.
  • No keyboard access in store.
  • If your steam is on the secondary monitor the menu always display on the primary monitor.
  • Back button in Store window always active even if there is no "back" page to visit.
  • More then half of the last game on the list can be covered up by the bottom of the panel before a scrollbar appears.
  • Some third party mods read "Third-party" as the developer and have no link, others read "[ Third-Party ]" and have a link to from them.
  • Links to third party mod home pages should open up in the user's default browser, not in Internet Explorer.
  • Minimize steam window to shortest possible size. Bottom 1/4 or so of last game in display list is off the edge of the scrollable window when fully scrolled down. A fair amount of what is still visible on the last item is in the drop shadow and somewhat obscured.
  • Every item in "Update" column turned into "box" symbol. No "news". Unable to recreate. Possibly related to turning colum displays on and off.
    • Whereas for me, where I previously had news options, they're all now blank. (Which is probably better, since the news items didn't show up properly in the frame, and were also all incorrect—DoD news showed up under Ricochet, etc.)
  • The context menus for games on the My Games tab display a line even if there's no items below it (see Rag Doll Kung Fu on an account where it's preloaded but not preordered).
  • In "My Games" list, "Half-Life 2: Lost Cost" shows up as "100% - Ready", but has no right-click menu and won't launch. I can click the "Properties" button while it's highlighted, however, and the dialog says that it's not released (which is true).
  • Upon completing hardware survey on the "This survey is complete" page, I have an active "Next >" button which does nothing. There is no further step.
  • When you go into the "servers" menu and then into the "History" section all the servers do not appear correctly.
  • Uncheck every item in the column display options so there are no items displayed. You can still click and hilight blank rows, plus you are now unable to get the popup menu to show to re-activate columns. See below.
  • Full area of column headings not clickable to get show/hide menu for columns. Try making the window large then only showing a few colums - most of the space on the right is now dead space which doesn't bring up the column menu.
  • UI style of scrollbar in Backup games is inconsistent with other scrollbars. Scrollable area also is in a squared rather than rounded corner rectangle and missing the drop shadow look of Games list (for example).
  • If the cursor is over either the minimize or close window box, it would be nice to see a visual feedback
  • If you right click on a third party mod in "My games" and select "Backup game files..." you'll find there are no 3d party mods listed.
  • Third party mods have no "Properties" option when you right click on them for context menu. This means you can't set command line options.
  • Update News window has a fixed size grey background rectangle that does not resize with the window - very messy look when you change window size.

Feature Requests

  • In the Interface Settings, it would be nice to be able to set my favorite window to Tools.
    • Seconded. As someone that primarily uses the SDK this would be very useful, as SDK access is frequent and awkward at times.
  • Tools should also be accessible through the "mini games list"
  • I want the "monitor" feature back


  • File menu says "Backup games..." whereas window is titled "Backup wizard"
  • Window title inconsistencies...
    • Main window is "STEAM - <username>" (all caps Steam)
    • File > Backup games... opens window titled "Steam - Backup wizard"
    • File > Settings opens window titled "Settings - Steam"
    • Games > Activate a product on Steam... opens window titled "Product activation wizard" (no "Steam")
    • Help > About opens window titled "About"
    • Most menu items that open up a new window have text ending in "...", except for File > Settings and Help > About
  • Viewing update news for a game. Title of window does not contain name of game being displayed.