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Latest News:
<div style="text-align: left; background: #FFE; margin: .5em 10%; padding: .01em 1em; border: #333333 1px solid;">
<div style="text-align: left; background: #FFE; margin: .5em 10%; padding: .01em 1em; border: #333333 1px solid;">
'''Steam Beta'''
''Thu October 6th, 2005''<br>
''Thu October 6th, 2005''
We're going to run a short beta of the new look and feel to Steam, which we're building to accommodate more games and MODs on Steam. To run it, run Steam from a command line with '''-clientbeta&nbsp;betaui''' in your command line. If you find any bugs, please edit this page.
We're going to run a short beta of the new look and feel to Steam, which we're building to accommodate more games and MODs on Steam. To run it, run Steam from a command line with '''-clientbeta&nbsp;betaui''' in your command line. If you find any bugs, please edit this page.
''Fri October 7th, 2005''
''Fri October 7th, 2005''<br>
We've just released an update to the beta which fixes many issues, including some of those listed below. Restart Steam (using the same command line as above) to get the changes. -- [[User:GregCoomer|Greg]]
We've just released an update to the beta which fixes many issues, including some of those listed below. Restart Steam (using the same command line as above) to get the changes. -- [[User:GregCoomer|Greg]]
''Sun October 9th, 2005''<br>
Another beta update - same procedure as above. <span style="color:gray;">(Thanks for helping to test the beta and for contributing bugs to this page.)</span> -- [[User:GregCoomer|Greg]]

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Thu October 6th, 2005
We're going to run a short beta of the new look and feel to Steam, which we're building to accommodate more games and MODs on Steam. To run it, run Steam from a command line with -clientbeta betaui in your command line. If you find any bugs, please edit this page.

Fri October 7th, 2005
We've just released an update to the beta which fixes many issues, including some of those listed below. Restart Steam (using the same command line as above) to get the changes. -- Greg

Sun October 9th, 2005
Another beta update - same procedure as above. (Thanks for helping to test the beta and for contributing bugs to this page.) -- Greg


  • Creating a svencoop game works, but when another guy joins, it crashes hl. The game works well when changing the listen server from steam beta to regular steam. -Mic2070
  • Selecting a drive's root as the backup folder causes steam to stop responding. (I.E. C:\ or D:\)
  • Right-clicking a tab acts as though you've right clicked a game in the game/tools list.
  • When you stretch out the mini games list you can see the bottom of the Servers button, Heres an example.
  • When you chose to start Steam in Games, it doesn't. It should be possible to start steam in the mini-games list.
  • The the large My Games list, if you right click and remove all the tabs, you can NOT get them back up again, without restarting steam. Example. To fix, maybie force to always have the Game Name tab, like with the servers? --RabidZombie
  • Game names are missing from the mini game menu after restoreing it from task bar (Wait 5 or so mins and add items to the clock area of the task bar) [1]
    • This happened to me after some playing with opening and closing the list. [Smurf]
    • This happened to me after I loaded Steam for the second time with the beta UI. It fixed itself when I expanded the mini games window into the full window and back again. [Bwmathis]
  • Launching third party mods with a desktop icon without steam already running doesn't work —AlphaWolf
    • Source games give "this game is not available, try again later" (you have to launch it a second time)
    • HL1 engine games just launch regular HL1 rather than the third party mod you tried to run
    • You must exit steam and make sure it is not running in order to reproduce this bug (try it on natural-selection)
      • Used to get a similar problem (mods always loading HL2, not the selected mod). I have tried hard to reproduce this, after the last beta update, and cannot. Do you still experience this? [Smurf]
        • Yep. The old 2.0 version loads regular HL1 when I run Natural-Selection (an HL1 mod,) but the new 3.0 beta version incorrectly runs HL2. Still though, if I run minerva (an HL2 mod) I get "this game is not available." Remember that this specific bug requires steam to not already be running in order to reproduce it, and in your desktop icon you have to add the -clientbeta betaui parameters, or else it "downgrades" you to the older version which doesn't have this problem at all (you'll see the "updating" dialog, but it isn't an update, rather it is a rollback.) —AlphaWolf
          • Ok, silly me, wasn't using the beta switch in the shortcut, it does indeed still happen "Game unavailable" for Dystopia. Works once steam is started. [Smurf]
  • Text wrapping issue on labels, some text still appears to be cut off by a pixel or two (purchase case)
  • Pausing preload of RDKF didn't appear to work, still kept downloading (as shown in pre-load status dialog)
  • Add delete app in context menu
    • You can delete apps by going to the properties of them and clicking "Delete Local Game Content..." —Agret
  • Purchase summary dialog has list going off the bottom of the page
  • Purchase summary dialog has "Steam Account" and the account name wrapping when they shouldn't
  • First-time install says 'updating', not 'dowloading'
  • Starting up the SDK says "Preparing to play Source SDK..." Saying "play" with a tool is.... weird.
    • Yea it was like this on the old Steam too, hope they change this but then I won't be able to crack jokes to my friends about how fun a game Dedicated Server is. One guy actually asked for a screenshot. —Agret
  • If on the main window you move it so most of it hangs off the screen and then you click View > Switch to mini games list, when it does so, the mini games list appears off the screen. You need to restart Steam to get it back.
  • Double-clicking the edge of a column in the Servers window resizes the column to the minimum width needed for the header to display fully, not for the longest cell in that column to display fully
  • Double-clicking the edge of a column in the My Games window tries to resize the column to the minimum width needed for the longest cell—but it's always about ten pixels (or two characters) too short
  • The "Valve Hardware Survey" dialog seems to be cutting off some text below the main textbox in the screen that shows what information will be submitted.
    • Happened to me too. —Agret
  • If your steam is on the secondary monitor the menu always display on the primary monitor.
  • More then half of the last game on the list can be covered up by the bottom of the panel before a scrollbar appears.
  • Links to third party mod home pages should open up in the user's default browser, not in Internet Explorer.
    • This does not occur for me. Links open in my default browser (Firefox) as such it sounds like something on your system that is causing this. —Agret
      • Old steam and this steam also use IE for me, all other programs use firefox as they should.[Smurf]
      • This is a longstanding issue for me too. Firefox is my default browser, yet steam uses IE. [segarch]
        • Yes this is an issue for me. Half of the links on Steam will open in IE due to it's excessive use of the IE control however this doesn't occur on Third Party mod homepages —Agret
          • Actually it does happen. I thought you were referring to on your games list but I see you ovbiously meant through the store. The only way to get around this problem would be for valve to put in a URL launching steam: url thing so they make link to something like steam:"launchpage http://ahl.telefragged.com/" anyway I got it to reproduce. —Agret
  • Minimize steam window to shortest possible size. Bottom 1/4 or so of last game in display list is off the edge of the scrollable window when fully scrolled down. A fair amount of what is still visible on the last item is in the drop shadow and somewhat obscured. Mini-games list does not do this, only full list. [Duplicate]
  • Upon completing hardware survey on the "This survey is complete" page, I have an active "Next >" button which does nothing. There is no further step.
  • Uncheck every item in the column display options so there are no items displayed. You can still click and hilight blank rows, plus you are now unable to get the popup menu to show to re-activate columns. See below.
  • Full area of column headings not clickable to get show/hide menu for columns. Try making the window large then only showing a few colums - most of the space on the right is now dead space which doesn't bring up the column menu.
  • Update News window has a fixed size grey background rectangle that does not resize with the window - very messy look when you change window size.
  • Titles that are marked as "unreleased" are shown between released ones, this should be moved to the "not installed" section of the menu or to a new "unreleased titles" section.
  • Open game status dialog for some game. Click on "Delete local game content..." button. New dialog pops up with title "Delete game cache?" but then the title changes to "Untitled" after a fraction of a second.
  • Are the translations in their final state? For example, the german translation is a bit "ugly" at some points.
    • Translations of new text hasn't been done yet
  • Rag Doll Kung Fu says it's $14.95, when it should be $12.95 for pre-orders.
  • The store windows inner border is flickering if you move the mouse over the hover table columns.
  • Uninstalled games have color icons
  • If the mouse is depressed over an unused area of the window, moved over a checkbox, and then released, the checkbox will change states.
    • Same with radio fields.
  • There are 2 blank list items in the 'game' filter drop-down box for the server browser.
    • Can't reproduce that. [Koraktor]
  • Even though I obviously own them, some HL1 Engine games do not appear as "Own" in the "Browse Games" (insted they list prices) and clicking them takes me to a purchase link, despite my having them installed and playable. [Duplicate]
    • I have this problem with HL:S, CS:CZ and DOD:S, I have them installed and can play them, but it says I don't own them. I have ATI Coupon with Gold package Upgrade.
  • Disk usage for installed games shows up as < none >.
    • Disk usage should also be able to be specified by mods.—ts2do (talk) 20:17, 8 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • There is no updating stats (downloading speed) in the game's properties window.
  • Removing servers from "History" does not remove them, servers reappear just from reselecting "any game".
  • Text overlap in server browser. [2]
  • Crash Bug with non '-clientbeta betaui' switch version of steam [3]
  • my Steam uses 59MB, some people only have 11MB
    • Not enough information provided. "Some people" might have large virtual memory and may run lots of memory-intensive programs, causing parts of Steam memory to be off-loaded into virtual memory, while you have little or no virtual memory or don't run many programs, allowing Windows to keep more in main memory. -The MAZZTer
  • In the login window pressing AltGr+V (to get an @ in there) while using hungarian keyboard layout will paste in the content of the clipboard after the @.
    • This is likely caused by AltGr translating to Ctrl+Alt, and Steam reading the Ctrl+V and ignoring the Alt. -The MAZZTer
  • Pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+R (Reload Skin?) when the small games window is open causes the text in the list to turn from white to black.
    • This only seems to occur for that particular control, and not for list controls in general.
  • Installing a backup uses old GUI.
  • Closing My Games window doesn't free the memory it uses; if minimized, then closed, it is.
    • To extrapolate, simply hitting the "X" in the upper righthand corner of the window will not free up the memory it takes (Which can reach 50 or more MB), however, hitting the "_" to minimize the menu first, and then right clicking on it in the taskbar and selecting "Close" will lower the ammount of memory used.
  • Percentage completion of update doesn't shown when update is paused.
    • In addition, percentage completion of update shows the percentage completion of the updated cache files, not the percentage completion of the update to be downloaded.
  • Window positions for both the "full UI" and the "mini UI" should be saved and restored upon changing UI mode. (Different positions and dimensions)
  • Steam v3 doesn't clean up the remains of Steam v2. (Skins, un-needed files)
    • That's ok as long it is still a beta
  • When viewing a webpage through the Steam program (i.e. the Steam store, or Steam News) while Firefox is open, it will sometimes cause a conflict with Firefox where the webbrowser "spasms" for lack of a better word.
    • Could not duplicate this [Smurf]
    • Could not duplicate this in Firefox 1.5b2 - The MAZZTer
  • After the Friday update, dragging the Store tab around the screen makes the embedded page flicker violently.
    • Does not occur for me. —Agret
      • It does for me, kinda —Pon (talk) 02:27, 8 Oct 2005 (PDT)
        • Could somewhat duplicate this, mine only flickers a little bit. Not sure it's a "steam bug" though. [Smurf]
          • I think it's more related to the IE control than to Steam —Agret
  • In the new update when you use the mini-game list and you drag it as large as possible you can see a half of the support button. (resolution: 1280x960)
    • I was able to reproduce this on mine too. I didn't have to drag it "as large as possible" I just dragged it a lttile bit. (resolution: 1024x768) —Agret
  • Installing a backup uses the old GUI (Even those created under the new GUI).
    • They are made with a different .exe that is not a part of the beta.
  • When switching to the mini games list from tools or store Source mods names appear as "Half-Life 2" and many icons are wrong (eg the Half-Life 2 icon is the old DOD icon).
  • If you doubleclick on a game and your cursor is over where a button appears on any dialogues that get brought up, that button will be pressed. The same thing happens when you doubleclick to resize a column: you will sort the list as well.
  • If the text entry for a game's Launch Options is wider than the edit box, the last character can not be reached by dragging with the mouse. Keyboard use is required to see it.
  • Closing and reloading the games window no longer "refreshes" what mods are actually installed. ie: if you delete a mods folder from either sourcemods, or the hl1 folder, the mod still shows up until you reload steam.—omega
  • Having "Not Installed" games in the mini-games list is pretty illogical, they can be installed from the full games list anyway.
  • In "Settings" my favorite window is set to the Games window but Steam opens the big UI box on the Store tab. It should be open on the Games tab of the big box. —Agret
  • When looking at update news for a game if you expand then minimize the news as you are reading it since it pushes the size of the page back and forth the scrollbar flicks on and off. When flicking off it has a white strip. It should always be visible. —Agret
  • Pressing Alt on the main screen acesses the default window menu (maximise/minimise/close/etc.) and not the Steam File/View/Games menus.
    • Alt has no effect for me other than the standard Alt+Space for the system menu. Side node: Keyboard accellerators /underscores for the menus and Windows XP-style "hide the underscores in the top level menus until the user taps Alt" would be nice. -The MAZZTer
  • When increasing the height the mini games list to the exact height at which the scrollbar goes away, the highlight of the selected game and the horizontal rule beneath the category headers (INSTALLED, NOT INSTALLED) will not lengthen to fill the void of the scrollbar. Resizing the window by any additional amount will resolve the issue.
  • No third party source mods are loading with the new 10/09/05 gui update. It just says launching then says hl2.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. without even launching at all. -nba1341
  • Launch options are not being saved in the "launch options box"
    • ditto
  • Update news windows sorta float around for a while before you can close them—ts2do (talk) 19:36, 9 Oct 2005 (PDT)

Not Reproducible

  • Somehow decided that my CS:S installation is at zero percent. I think it was because it claimed to be at 85%, with a paused update, and I started and then immediately stopped it again. The client hung, and upon restart, after a considerable wait where it was "Scanning for game updates" it told me I didn't have it installed, which I most definitely do. Upon reverting to the current version, it correctly says that yes, I have the whole thing.
  • Strange Hissing sound when steam CPU Useage is at 100% on "Updateing steam platform Files" - http://ammahls.com/random/strange-sound-bug.mp3 - hardware http://ammahls.com/random/Report.htm (Lattest drivers on all hardware)
    • Why does it eat 100% CPU for 15 minutes anyway?
      • The old Steam did this too. Very annoying...
  • Unable to recreate but twice I have had a scrolling display suddenly jump back to the top of the page while using the mouse wheel to scroll down. Once in "Store" and once in third party mod list.
  • Back button in Store window always active even if there is no "back" page to visit.
  • When you go into the "servers" menu and then into the "History" section all the servers do not appear correctly.
  • Half-Life 2 does not detect out of date video drivers before launch
  • Trying to load Steam with the beta UI, results in an error message of "Platform Error: bad module 'Friends/friendsUI.dll", not loading" after which time it shows it is logging in and freezes.
  • List of games sometimes dissapear
  • Opening the server browser and doing something crashes my computer to hard reboot

Feature Requests

  • XML skinning support like Winamp. --C00lryguy 03:44, 9 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • Properties for Third Party Games allowing you to change the icon and the display name. --C00lryguy 03:44, 9 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • Support for launch options for thrid party mods, like Valve games (-console for example). [Smurf]
    • You can already do this, in the full view, hilight the game you want, then in the bottom right corner hit properties. They should allow you to bring up the properties dialog from the right click menu though. The fact that you can't is a bug. —AlphaWolf
  • Option to backup game content for thrid party mods. [Smurf]
  • Option for mod developers to allow updates to their games via steam, having them supply the hosting of course. If this is at all possible, please do. It can only help you to have "one stop shopping". [Smurf]
    • Mods could supply a special field in their gameinfo.txt to limit URLs to allow updates from, to prevent a malicious user who accesses a developer's system from being able to link an update to any file on the internet. The MAZZTer
  • Add an option to automatically exit steam when you close your game. (a full exit, not just closing the UI menu) —AlphaWolf
  • In the server browser list, add an option to show the number of bots on the servers rather than just a "B" icon. Also consider negating that number from the actual number of players shown to be on the server (since they aren't actually players.) —AlphaWolf
  • Make the favorites list in servers save what your sort your list after, and what order you want them showed ( IE the minor arror going up or down ).
  • Make it possible to add your own categories in the 'My Games' mini list. As mentioned here and demonstrated here.
  • snapping windows to one another still sucks. windows should snap not only to edges of the screen and one another, but to corners as well.
  • detect out of date video drivers before launch for Goldsrc games do not - not only source games.
  • If the cursor is over either the minimize or close window box, it would be nice to see a visual feedback
  • Keyboard access in store.
  • update SDK UI to match new style
  • Have a tab to the news page on the main screen instead of it opening a browser window?
    • I agree with this. In fact, I recommend that you reorganize the Games/Main window's tabs into News (general Steam news and option to browse individual game news), Browse (for downloading/purchasing), Play (for installed games) and Tools (for server, SDK, etc.). This will allow you to remove the unnecessary News option with the context menu and the icon down at the bottom of the Games/Main window. [Bwmathis]
  • When you right click on Valve mods you are able to set the launch options (-console for example) but with third party mods, you have to make a shortcut. Is there any way you can add support for that with third party mods?
  • Add an ETA To all process bars - I.e. updating platform files.
    • This might be an engine update, but add an ETA to Source Games, like what Gold Src has, for when you are downloading assets from a game server
  • Abilty to maximise the storefront window.
  • The account name should not appear in window title. People often post screenshots of their games list on the Internet (usually in the course of trouble-shooting), relieving their account name. Since the account name is one of two pieces of information a nefarious individual requires to hijack an account, it is best not to make such sensitive information so visible. The user can easily view their account name from the Setting window, which is far less likely to appear in a screenshot posted to the Internet.
  • In the Interface Settings, it would be nice to be able to set my favorite window to Tools.
    • Seconded. As someone that primarily uses the SDK this would be very useful, as SDK access is frequent and awkward at times.
  • Tools should also be accessible through the "mini games list"
  • I want the "monitor" feature back
    • It's already back, integrated into the main My Games/Tools windows.
      • Ok, where is the nice bandwith usage graph?
        • Oh. Forgot about that. Guess the Monitor's not entirely there after all. :-/
  • When viewing status of "Not yet installed" games, it would be nice to have an install button. If a game is installed you can uninstall (delete local game content...) from status, so the inverse sort of makes sense to be there.
  • "Mini Games List" Sections should be expandable/retractable menus so we can hide the other sections, particularily "not installed". Mods/Custom Games and Tools needs it's own sections in "Mini Games List".
  • We need a right-click option to "Hide Game" in the "Mini Games List", and be able to add it back in from the full "My Games" menu.
  • It would be nice to have a throbber for the Store to let the user know that a page is loading.
  • It would be nice to chose voices/subs languages ( also different ) about a game from its properties. ( It will be cool also if Mods can do this ... )
  • Add an upgrade option for ATi bundle.
  • One must scroll to see games released before Condition Zero in the Backup wizard's games list. If one right-clicks on such a game - say, Ricochet - the Backup window should open and the list should automatically scroll to revile that game.
  • A "Server" tab in the expanded main window (see Fig. 1). The aesthetics of two sets of tabs would need to be explored. There is also the redundancy problem of having a Servers tab and a link to the Servers window at the bottom.
  • Allow for multiple account managment, fast user switching, or some sort of quick account login or managment tool.
  • For unreleased games, put the "(unreleased)" text in a different, perhaps slightly darker, color.
  • Allow users to remove games from the main list, so it doesn't appear cluttered. I don't want to see Codename Gordon at the top.
  • Add an option to verify GCF caches when right clicking a game.
  • It would be nice if there will be a tabbed browsing ( like FireFox ) of forums on Steam.
  • Release a skinning tool for Steam.
  • Allow full customization through skinning (change window shape, how items are displayed, all colors, spacing, etc. or a mode entirely without a skin using Windows standard looking widgets.
    • Agree: there should be a no skin option to use the standard Windows theme. It would give Steam a more serious look. --Muffin 03:01, 9 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • It will be cool if you add a BitTorrent-like distribution system. If you don't like it for selling products, add it for free products! The user will chose to use it or not. ( and how much upload band to dedicate to it ) You will save a lot of band ( because with a small amout of it you will have a better distribution ) and users will complete it in a shorter time!
  • It would be nice if this nicer looking skin could be applied to when your playing a game or at least have an option to change it. For example, when your joining a Counter-Strike: Source server and the loading bar or the servers list is in this nicer looking skin.
  • Standardised GUI for all Steam platform games so that "one skin will fit it all".
  • Clear history for server browser.
  • Somewhere that says what content server your connected to. This is very important for me because if I get connected to my ISPs content server then the downloads dont go on my download count. Also it would be great if I could change the content server to my ISPs but I doubt that would happen.
  • A working friends list would definitely improve it. Ability to add friends like MSN.
  • Ability to change the Steam skin to High quality(nicer) or Low quality. This can help to reduce memory usage and boost in-game performance. (Beta version requires around 50MB memory usage while the old version requires only 10-15MB memory usage)
  • User can customly change the size of the backup. (Some CD can store up to 700+ MB)
  • Please allow us to change our login username and I don't mean switching accounts, but actually renaming our login.
  • Maybe for some of the more popular mods you can add the developer website link for them. (I think it's a mod file setting, not sure I don't mod that much.
  • GUI option to install optional components, and make it more prominent.
    • The HD-pack (HL/OP/BS).
    • The condition zero models (CS/CZ)
  • Maybe add near 'My games' an extra tab with 'My mods'
  • For mods also add the same menu if u press with right mouse button and in the properties of the mod: the webpage and the possibility to update the mod automatically (everytime when I change this to automatically update the mod and I check back, it is changed to 'Do not automatically update this game'
  • Allow third party games to have their icons in the 'My games' section
  • When installing a backup, it uses the old GUI.
  • URL mouseover for developer websites
  • Could we get the http://www.steampowered.com/status/game_stats.html somewhere, in its own tab or in the store?
    • Maybe put it in the "Games" menu since that has only got the one option? "Activate A Product On Steam..." —Agret
    • Maybe we can have a connection page that describes more network details
      • The current content server we are connected to
      • The current network status (Total/Used bandwidth)
      • Firewall tester (To allow people to see if firewalls are breaking their game)
        • I've got a hardware firewall and the only thing that would disrupt your game is when you are hosting. It's hardly worth coding a tester just for that as people should already know when they are in a position to host or not. —Agret
  • Ability to colapse sections in Mini-games mode [Dwarden]
    • There are no sections in mini-games mode that I can see. What are you referring to? —Agret
  • Ability to define custom game/apz sections in Mini-games mode (ie, creating popular one on top while rest colapsed on bottom) [Dwarden]
  • Add ultra mini mode (toolbar with only game icons or/and small/short text name) in short smaller than actual minigames window [Dwarden]
    • Ultra mini mode could just be that square section of the mini-games list. Have a look, the gray colored small section. None of the surrounding borders or menus. —Agret
  • Add ability to launch games directly thru tray icon (right click on icon choose Play > choose game to play, let say working only for "key" game titles) [Dwarden]
    • It works fine for a large list through the XFire tray icon. I'm not sure why they cant support it for every one of your Steam games. —'Agret
  • Update the in-game loading screen to new style [Ninja]
  • Ability to download third-party games from your My Games menu, like in WON version [Ninja]
  • A skin menu for your games where you can change/upload your custom weapon and player skins so it is not so hard to get rid of them [Ninja]
    • This would be controlled by the game in question and not Steam. Unless you mean uploading your stuff to the Steam content servers which seems pointless as it works fine the way it is now. —Agret
  • Interface option to choose level of opacity / transparency , color schemes too, font colors/types etc (ie inversion) [Dwarden]
    • Get Steam skin support working again. Maybe let me use my old skins on the new interface somehow? —Agret
  • A refresh button for My Games would be useful for game developers—ts2do (talk) 18:51, 8 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • I actually have a good feature/fix..firstly change game names to be filtered out correctly while playing CS 1.6(not being also to see CS source games), thats pretty annoying.Add more filters like filter "no bots","max players"(to easily find a 0/10,0/32)..better mute player control and mute text option. Also fix "view server info" window being always on top(annoying cause you can't play so it makes that useless in-game).Faster loading times on opening games.[El3]
  • In mini games window give us coming soon section back and tools section --nba1341
    • Ew, no, they should be left out—Pon (talk) 17:10, 9 Oct 2005 (PDT)
      • with the new 10/9/05 gui update you can now collapse windows so you could just collaspe tools and coming soon if you did not want them there. --nba1341


  • Steam should indicate that it is doing a rollback instead of an update when it is in fact doing a rollback. For example, when you run steam without the -clientbeta parameter after you have run it with that once, it says it is "updating" to an older version. —AlphaWolf
    • It is in fact updating to the latest version. The command line switch forces Steam to think there is a new version but the content server still reports the other one as the latest version. —Agret
  • "About" dialog wasn't updated when the October 7th update was released.
  • Third party mods randomly show icons of other games. [Koraktor]
    • I can't reproduce any of these
    • That bug seems to be different for each client. [Koraktor]
      • I get this too. For example, Hostile Intent shows with a TFC logo, MINERVA shows with a CS1 logo. Always is those two, ie not random. This also has NOTHING to do with the mods in question, it's based on their "place" in the list. Remove/Add a mod, and you'll see the logos move to new mods. [Smurf]
  • File menu says "Backup games..." whereas window is titled "Backup wizard"
    • That's because when you want to backup your games you get a wizard to guide you through the process. This isn't a bug. —Agret
  • Menu text versus window title and general window title style inconsistencies...
    • Main window is "STEAM - <username>" (all caps Steam)
    • "File > Backup games..." opens window titled "Steam - Backup wizard"
      • Isn't it supposed to?
    • "File > Settings" opens window titled "Settings - Steam"
    • "Games > Activate a product on Steam..." opens window titled "Product activation wizard" (no "Steam")
      • "Activate a product on Steam..." should only be clickable on the text part and not the width of the window
      • "Activate a product on Steam..." should open the "Product activation wizard" on MouseUp
    • "Help > About" opens window titled "About"
      • Yes terribly sorry about that, next time we should make it quit the program. But seriously, what did you expect it to bring up?
    • Most menu items that open up a new window have text ending in "...", except for "File > Settings" and "Help > About"
    • Don't forget about "View > News", "View > Friends", "View > Servers", "View > Settings", "View > Support" and "Help > Technical Support Page" —Agret
    • Inconsistent capitalization of text in titles. Eg, "Update News" versus "Backup wizard"
      • 'Wizard' is not a part of the title. e.g. "Update News wizard" is a wizard for Update News, "Update News Wizard" is a magician who make patches appear out of top hats.
    • No "Steam - " leadin text on "Video Driver Outdated" dialog title
    • Game property windows are titled with "- Steam" at end rather than beginning of title. Eg, "Day of Defeat: Source - Steam"
    • Loading "Properties" for a game gives you a window titled with just the name of the game (no mention of "properties"). It has a single tab titled "Status". Why not ditch the "Status" tab (one tab makes no sense) and just lable the window like "Steam - Half-Life Properties" (for example).
    • Launch options window is titled "Launch Options - <game name>" rather than the "Steam - " style title.
      • That's because the launch options aren't related to the Steam launch options. They are related to the game in question. —Agret
  • Viewing update news for a game. Title of window does not contain name of game being displayed.
    • Game name appears just below that in a big line that says "UPDATE NEWS - HALF-LIFE 2: DEATHMATCH" so i'm pretty sure you'd know what game you were looking at the update news for.
  • Windows lack any border separate from the dark OD green, which means if you have two windows on top of each other, the edge of the top window vanishes into the background of the bottom window.
  • Opening "Change password..." dialog there is a minimize and close button in title bar ( _ and X), yet "Change contact email..." only has close and no minimize.
  • The font used for the ip address in the "Game Info" dialog should be a bit brighter
  • There is a space character before the word "Built:" in the about dialog
  • It would be nice if Steam showes the percentage on the status column only if the game is incomplete. There isn't also any reason to show "Third party mod" instead of "Ready" ( like VALVe productions )
  • Only Half-Life 2 and DoD (old version) seem to have player manual links when right clicking on game names. Perhaps show that option on other games as well, but grayed out?
    • It's cleaner only showing stuff when needed VS showing a ton of grayed out menu options you can't actually use anyway. —Agret
  • The store's html margin values should be checked because on the right the text is slightly truncated.
  • "Settings" is listed in both the File and View menus. Redundant?
  • "Activate a product on Steam..." at the bottom of the Store tab link appears as underlined text rather than a button. This seems to break the aesthetic convention of the UI: buttons are used to open other Steam windows, underlined text is used to open webpages.
    • And on that subject, wouldn't it be better next to the back/home buttons, with the space it is currently taken up used to show more of the web page?
  • In the mini Games list when there is no scrollbar, there is an unaesthetic mix of rounded and straight corners within the window (see Fig. 2).
  • The store's HTML should have doctype declarations to make it valid HTML. On top of this, the HTML should really come closer to validation than it does, Tidy spits out an average of 10 warnings per page.
  • Inconsistent browser launches: Some of us use Firefox exclusively. "view game manual" pops up in Firefox, links to mods from the store pop in IE.
  • The interface is too chunky. The space between the games list and window border (as a matter of fact most of the dead space) needs to be trimmed. You shouldn't have to scroll as much as you do when you have 25 items.
  • Decrease the vertical space between games listed in the "my games" area.
  • Disabled text is green, so it appears quite out of place when featured against a grey background, such as with the "I agree with the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement" in the Product activation wizard.
    • While you mention it, when you click "I agree with the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement" the Back button is highlighted rather than the next button as though you should go back? —Agret
  • "Server Browser > History" has a "remove server from favourites", instead of "remove from history"
  • "Server Browser > History & Favourites" CTRL+A (Select all) does not work.
  • "Total cost of games bought individually..." in "Valve Complete Pack" shows savings of $200+, but that calculation assumes that every game does not come in a package and bases it off "package price.
  • Application name should not be "in caps", ie Steam but not STEAM.
  • Half-Life: Source uses the old, orange HL icon rather than the new, white HL:S icon
    • same for the old UI [Koraktor]
  • In "My Games" Half-Life: Blue Shift is listed as being made by Valve, not Gearbox.
  • Disparity between "Half-Life: Blue Shift" and "Opposing Force." For the sake of aesthetics, it would be nice to have them both either use the "Half-Life" prefix or not.
    • Prefers to see Half-Life: Opposing Force than just simply Opposing Force.
    • The same does for CS:CZ and the "Deleted Scenes".
  • Launching a HL2 mod in the games list will show the name of the mod instead of HL2(eg "Preparing to play Perfect Dark", but if you launch using an icon it says "Preparing to play Half-Life 2", perhaps make the desktop icons do this too?
    • Desktop icons are launched through command line parameters yet the ones on the list actually know what the game is called. I think that it would have to look at gameinfo.txt while launching to work out the name. Certainly possible.
  • The first update screen (for the exe and dll) still uses the old theme.
    • This is because it is downloading the new theme
      • It's already done that. This is the *second* update. :)
        • If you run with the beta UI from the command line, it'll update you to the next version, which is currently beta and unreleased to everyone. If you have Steam setup to start when you start your computer, it's rolling you back to the current public version, as that won't have the command line switch.
          • That isn't happening either. It's just that the theme information held within steam.exe hasn't been updated yet.
  • You've now got to restart Steam for new mods to show up in the UI. Before, re-opening Play Games did it.
    • You didn't even have to re-open it you could leave it open and just click Play Games again. Please restore this to the way it was. —Agret
  • Should "store" really be called store? I anticipate using it to download a lot of free mods. "Browse" would probably be a more attractive name. [segarch]
    • Maybe "Browse Titles" or "Steam Titles" or "Steam Games"? —Agret
      • Or even... "Browse Games"!!!:D—Pon (talk) 17:14, 9 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • The overall look is nice, but for some reason it seems bulky. Perhaps trim it down a bit, and cut out some of that whitespace, for examle between the "file,view,game" options, the top title, and main list. Hope that makes sense, but basically just trim the borders and unused space a bit. [Smurf]
    • For "some" reason it seems bulky. How about because it's so damn huge? —Agret
  • Better use of capitals, eg : "My games" to "My Games" etc.
  • After right-clicking a game in the My Games window to open the context menu, right-clicking on a different game changes focus to that entry and closes the context menu for the first game. However, left-clicking also does this. If I right click on one game, then on another, it should close the first menu and also open the menu for the second, rather than just re-focusing.
  • The in-game Steam GUI is not consistent with the new out-of-game Steam GUI. In Counter-strike: Source and Half-Life 2 it uses the round-cornered second Steam GUI introduced, while older Half-Life 1-based games all use the original square-cornered Steam GUI. [Bwmathis]
  • Steams memory footprint while idle is unjustifiably large (upwards of 40MB.) It would be nice to have something more realistic - say 5MB. —AlphaWolf
    • Mine doesn't do this until I run games, usually sits at around 7-9, then jumps to 31+ (stays there after games are closed) [Smurf]
  • Ability to try and install the half life 2 demo even though I already own half life 2, launch obviously fails.


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