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Clocking in at over a decade online (since 1993), this long time Wikipedia editor and casual level designer has an extensive video game collection from over the past twenty years. He is noted for an "Ooh! What does this do?" attitude in-game, which tends to put himself between his allies and his enemies.

He is also noted as being one of the few players ever to be telefragged by a headcrab, and once even killed by an alien leech (Much to the amusement of his team.)

Game releases and work, while largely private (IRC) release, include various games:

System Shock 2 (Theif Engine) - Primarily weapon modification/ simple mission modes Half Life (GldSouce Engine) - Early work was only DM/TeamDM, with a recently revitalised passion for Team-based Mission maps (Sven Coop).

He is currently hosting a rather quirky Sven-Coop Server at IP entitled SNARKwarfare, for a group of high-school age former coworkers (who first envisioned the clan name).

The server is an old (rebuilt) HP6635|Celleron 533MHz|256mb RAM|WinXP-Pro with a 25Mb Cable connecion.