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22 year old Computer Science graduate living in South Wales, near Swansea. I've done some basic work with source mods, made some tutorials for interlopers, and had many a bright idea that has never seen the light of day. I'm looking to get back into modding, with my game Second Chance. The story is in the preliminary stages, and has been for a while, but now I'm out of university and looking for work, I'm hoping to use it as a tool to develop my time management and programming skills, as well as dabble in story writing, modelling and art.

Also available for free voice acting, if you need a Welsh / British extra, or just random noises. I'll need to pick up a mic first though, so probably only good for stand-in work or stuff.

Hit me up at the address below if you want anything from me!


Steam: WelshMullet
E-mail: [email protected]