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I sense a disturbance in the Source...

TheRatcheteer is a C# and Perl hacker who enjoys writing autobiographies in the third person. He believes that video games are the force that binds the world together, bridging the gaps of language and theology to make friends across the globe. Members of organized religions scare him. He is also a language geek who laughs at the idea of visiting a place called Vernal Falls in the winter. No, you don't get it. That's because you're not a language geek like TheRatcheteer. Accompanied by his trusty water bottle, which he keeps next to his computer monitor, he roams the VDC in search of knowledge he might be able to use to make a game. He would be using Flash for his game, but Adobe suites are several hundred dollars, and he has never cashed a paycheck in his life. Also, Flash is slow, and he would like to have actual physics, AI and framerates at the same time.

I'm currently learning the ropes of modding in the hopes of expanding my portfolio, gaining experience in game development and/or being noticed by big names in preparation for a career in game development etc., etc., just like everyone else.

The best book in the world: Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson. No, there's not even a question. No, silly child. Ender's Game is only the second best book in the world.

It's all about XKCD.