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T e i ' s - U s e r P a g e

f a v o r i t e s G a m e s

  • [Arcade] Asteroids
  • [Atari2600] Tanks
  • [C64] Spindizzy
  • [C64] Blue Max
  • [C64] Forth Apocalipse
  • [C64] Zeppelin
  • [C64] Rick Dangerous
  • [PC] Day of Tentacle
  • [PC] Civilization
  • [PC] Baldurs Gate
  • [PC] Battlefield 1942
  • [PC] BF1942: Desert Combat
  • [PC] Empires Earth
  • [PC] Morrowind
  • [PC] Half-Life 1
  • [PC] Half-Life 2
  • [PC] Doom 3
  • [PC] Source: Garrys Mod
  • [PC] BF2

m o d d i n g W o r k

Old Mods:

  • [Simulator] ThundersCats
  • [Simulator] Airquake4
  • [RTS] Kanada invade USA 2

Man at work:

Future Mods:

  • [Sim City Clone] Ozymandias

e n g i n e M o d d i n g

  • [Derivation work from TomazQuake] Telejano
  • [Derivation work from Telejano] SinglePlayer
  • [Derivation work from Telejano] Ozymandias
  • [Small contribution] Nexuiz
  • [Small contribution] ezQuake

L i n k s


Time Wastes