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Contact Information


Dream Computer

  • 20" iMac @ 2Ghz
  • 2GB Ram (2x1 @ 667mhz)
  • 250GB SATA HDD
  • ATI Radeon x1600 (PCI-E) 256mB
One day...

I wish...

  • Intel Power Mac Core Quadro @ 3Ghz
  • 16GB Ram (8x2 @ 667mhz)
  • 2TB (2x1) SATA 7,200 rpm HDD
  • Nvidia Quadro 5700 1GB (4x256)
  • 30" Apple High Definition Cinema Display
If I was rich, and could afford to spend $20,000 on a computer
This computer is fictional, BTW. But this setup IS possible on a powerpc mac.

Computer (A)

  • AMD Athalon64 3500+ OC'd to 2.35Ghz
  • 1 GB Ram (2x512 @ 400mhz)
  • 80GB Maxtor 10,000rpm SCSI HDD
  • ATI Radeon x800 Pro (AGP) 256mB
  • Realtek AC'97 Sound (best sound device I have ever used [creative sucks])
  • Phillips 17" CRT Monitor, 1156x864 32bpp @ 75hz
This is my current Mid-End computer

Computer (B) [BOINC ONLY]

  • AMD Athalon XP 2000 @ 1.6Ghz
  • 512mB Ram (2x256)
  • 60GB Maxtor 5,000rpm IDE HDD
  • ATI Radeon 7500 64mB
  • SB Live! (not as bad as most creative products)
  • 17" Samsung 750s CRT Monitor, 1024x768 32bpp @ 75hz
This is my old computer

Computer (C) [NO BOINC]

  • AMD Athalon XP 2500+ @ 1.66ghz
  • 256mB Ram (1x256)
  • 60GB Toshiba 5,000rpm IDE HDD
  • ATI Radeon 7200 64mB
  • Realtek AC'97 Sound
  • 17" Samsung 750s CRT Monitor, 1024x768 32bpp @ 75hz
This is my living room computer

Computer (D) [BOINC ONLY]

  • Intel Pentium I Processor @ 133mhz
  • 32mB Ram (2x16)
  • 8GB unknown HDD
  • ATI RAGE 16mB
  • SB 16 / AWE 32 (bigger than the motherboard)
  • 13" Unknown Monitor, 800x600 16bpp @ ?hz
This Computer was given to me by my high school, they needed to get rid of it, so I took it from them.