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Help Wanted

  • I've little experience with Source modding, but I would like to learn by starting a mod of my own.
  • The conceptual stage of my mod is nearly complete, with the rest left up to actually going through with creating it. Although this is my first mod, I'm interested in developing it until it is a complete and polished piece of gaming bliss.
  • I'm looking for any and all help, be it programming, map making, sound, etc., as long as you're dependable, can speak relatively good English, and are open to the fact that I am in the process of learning along with everyone else.
  • Any and all correspondence goes here.

A Little About Me

  • sonos Pronounced so-no-ss, just so we're clear.
  • Name: Ryan
  • Age: 21
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oklahoma
  • City: Tulsa
  • Minibio: Currently I'm a CS major at the University of Tulsa. I'm interested in getting into the videogame industry, as I'm sure everyone else here is. I've experience with Java, C++, VB, HTML, SQL, blah blah blah... but little with Source. I'm somewhat artistically inclined and currently exploring that universe as well.
  • Current Distractions: Xbox360 - Halo 3, COD4 | PC - Orange Box, C&C3 | TV - The Office(reruns), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Internet - Epileptic Gaming(, The 1up Show | Books - The End of America, my sketchbook/game design diary

A Little About My Mod

  • Title(tentative): The Game
  • Status: Wrapping up concept stage and moving onto initial development phase.
  • Type: Multi-player(CTF, elimination, etc... team/squad based gametypes with player classes) and Single-player(story-driven sequences based around the core mulitplayer experience)
  • Concept: Heavily influenced by Ender's Game, with gameplay similar to that of TF2, HL2: Deathmatch, and with a touch of Portal, but overall it is something much different than the gameplay experiences current available in the industry. Trying to attempt something different and fresh, but with gameplay elements familiar to us all in order to make it accessible.
  • Team: Currently, only myself, but I am looking for 3D/2D artists, sound guys, programmers, and anyone else that can contribute. Ideally, I'd like committed people, but any and every form of help is appreciated. As for myself, I'm currently focusing on programming, weapon creation, and basic map making, just to get some momentum going.
  • General/Random Points:
    • Dynamic Environments, similar to those found in Portal.
    • Diverse selection of weapons and devices, not-unlike the Portal gun, Grav gun, and a few abilities from Gary's Mod.
    • Currently 5 different classes to choose from.
    • Trying to avoid death, blood, and extreme violence, but that's not to say it won't be exciting or interesting. :)
    • Artistic design will drawn heavily from games like Portal, Mass Effect, Halo, and other sci-fi material.
    • Multi-player is primary focus, with single-player implemented only after the multi-player experience is solidified.