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My name is Sam "Solokiller" Vanheer, also known as samsaber.
I am a level designer and currently working as a developer on [[Empires| Empires mod]].
== Half-life: Uplink remake ==
I also have a sideproject that i occasionally work on, a remake of [[Half-Life:_Uplink| Uplink]].</br>
It's not anything official, but so far i've done quite a bit, constructing a rough outline of the entire chapter, and building small scripted events such as the intro and the radar dish angle-based trigger system, which required me to push my skills to the limits to figure out how to construct it, without having the possibility of faulty triggering, or no triggering.
It is also in this map that i ran into hammer's limits, as the complex brush-based dome i built was modified by Hammer so it would not be invalid, although it is now confirmed to simply be a bug.
== Hammer achievements ==
A little fun thing i made, when i do something new and hard, i call it a hammer achievement.
-Hammer Achievement: Understanding the gameinfo.txt file system completed (+10 internets)<br>
-Hammer Achievement: Construct the Uplink radar dish without using the original method (+5 internets)
I'll add more when i achieve them.
==Useful links==
==Useful links==
*[[Source_SDK_SE2_Bugs| Source SDK Bugs]]
*[[Source_SDK_SE2_Bugs| Source SDK Bugs]]

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