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Shawn Olson is an all-around 3d hobbyist who likes to play CS, build maps for various Source mods... and recently became obsessed with making it easier to export models into Source using 3ds Max. Thus he wrote the Wall Worm Model Tools


WWMT was followed by Wall Worm Sky Writer


Shawn didn't start out in 3D. In fact, according to many accounts, he started out in a point in time and somehow expanded to more dimensions. Eventually he had a few of his own big bangs and now tries to pass on his inclinations to the child objects in his life. Finally, he came to this website and filled out this form.

Maps by Shawn

Here are some of the maps Shawn made for CS 1.6

  • de_sacrelige (yes, even former journalists mis-spell things)

De sacrelige.jpg

  • de_stonerhenge

De stonerhenge.jpg

Etc. The rest probably weren't that cool. Shawn didn't know how to make his own models when he made his HL1/CS 1.6 levels...

Just like Shawn to be fashionably late, he finally started mapping for Source in 2009. Now he's working on remaking a couple of his old maps and making some new ones.

Here is a screen shot of his de_tension that was his first attempt at making a Source map that used his own models:

De tension.jpg

What Shawn learned when making this map can be read in full here. But a good summary of what he learned is that the VDC needs more detailed explanations of what everything is... not to mention some video tutorials!

In His Spare Time...

Shawn likes to annoy other community figures with random questions that 1) don't make much sense, 2) expose a lack of expertise in Source and/or 3) combine the previous two while smelling like Sam Adams... For this he publicly apologizes to the following people, but not necessarily limited to them: Jed and Mr. Little.

Shawn's Sites