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My real name's Steven van de Graaf and I'm from The Netherlands. I'm mainly interested in level design and am currently working on my Half-Life 1 modification Starlabs.

I've been interested in level design for Half-Life since 2002 and am planning to move to Source once Starlabs is finished.

My membership of this wiki (as it stands now) is mainly in preparation for my migration to the lovely Source engine. Once I'm properly familiar with Source (which, I assume, takes about 6 months) I'm planning on starting another project of myself or simply joining another.

My current portfolio can be viewed at my profile on The Snarkpit. The observant few will see that I haven't released an awful lot, but this is mainly because of my dedication to Starlabs. (For which I do most level design work.)

Asides Starlabs, I've also contributed two maps to Issues. An incoherent map-pack based on link Project Quantum Leap.