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An avid Valve fan, especially a fan of the Half-life and Portal series.

I spend countless hours playing Source games and experimenting with Source SDK to make my own maps and scenarios. I make tons of experimental maps in an attempt to learn and test new things within the Source engine. Ironically (and annoyingly), I very rarely release a map.

I will continue to learn and create new things. Also, any maps I actually end up releasing, I will feature here and/or map community websites (liste.

Notable Creations

I really don't have much to show for right now, but I plan on changing that soon. I haven't released anything in a very long time, but my time in Source SDK for last year has been spent practicing countless scenarios in the Source Engine. I think I am actually nearing a (good) map release! Stay tuned.

  • Realistic Water Splash Effect

ModDb link

GameBanana link

  • Dragon Deagle

Gmod 13 Workshop

  • Heavy Core

Gmod 13 Workshop

Other Profiles

There isn't much on these accounts so far, mostly just a old attempts and other little things.