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About Me

I go by Rigor Mortis in pretty much every game I play, usually with [usaf] tagged on the front of it. Many people just call me Rigor.

I have been playing first person shooters since Wolfenstein 3d, and have been making maps for them since Duke3d and Blood (if anyone remembers Blood.... such a good game!).

Anyways, now I'm making maps with Hammer - just trying to put out some quality Portal maps for the community's enjoyment. I just need a little help and a ton of free time to get all the maps done :)

My Contributions

Minor (but very helpful) adjustments to: phys_spring

Articles/Tutorials: none yet - I'll write something when I have more time.

Useful info not worthy of its own page:

  • 3d skyboxes don't agree with Portal currently - we can only hope valve will fix this eventually.
  • Don't put a prop's texture on a world brush or vice versa. Props and World brushes are lit through two different processes, and this causes problems if you mix and match them.

Recommended Links

Understanding visleafs and portal based rendering is vital to making good maps. I highly recommend reading this article: Optimizing Level Geometry