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Umm, so, yeah, this is me. Only just got started on working with the Source SDK so I'm about the noobiest you'll find them. The first time I tried to create a sliding door it moved backwards instead of upwards :-P.

My first and current project, as far as you can call it a project, has the name SkyLabs. Its original idea was to create a series of bonus maps for Portal, but by now I've decided I'll turn it into a mod instead of a series of maps. There are two problems with that so far:

-The Orange Box Source engine code isn't yet avaible via Source SDK

-I'm almost out of HDD space

So my best guess is you'll hear again about it in a few years :-P.

UPDATE 4 December 2007

Okay, so maybe I was thinking too dark when I said the next time you'll hear of my mod is in a few years. I've found a solution (for the time being) for both issues: 1. I've simply copied all files of Portal into the SourceMods folder, renamed and edited them. 2: I've cleared a few gigabytes of space on my harddisk.

Next to that, the first map for my first project has great potential. It starts to look nicer already, even though it's still very spartanic. I now have to hope I don't lose my enthousiasm for this project.

Remember: the mod is in a very (veeery) early stage now. I have no idea how it will turn out, only very basic ideas of what it has to become, and I know I've only supplied very little information here. I'm not begging, not even asking for help, but if you want to apply, you're, of course, welcome.

UPDATE 8 December 2007

I've created a page on the Developer Community with more information about the mod:

UPDATE 9 December 2007

The first issue with the mod appeared: how do I get the code of the Portal Gun? A solution will have to be found, and if it doesn't, I will skip the gun completely. Different from Portal, SkyLabs won't be built around one gameplay element, so skipping it shouldn't give too much trouble.

UPDATE 10 December 2007

Ah, frikkin'...? Seems like the name City 44 is in use already, namely by Adam Foster in his planned next chapter for the MINERVA-mod. Well, that means I will have to change the number. Maybe City 54 or something...
EDIT: City 34

UPDATE 12 December 2007

I've started programming. Among other things, I've tried to add a third person camera using a tutorial on this wiki. So far the cam is working... but you don't see a player model when in third person. I haven't yet found a solution for that...

If I manage to get a working player model, I might actually consider putting a third person cam in the SkyLabs mod.