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I am Remmiz. And this, is my user page.


My Vitals

  • 21 Years Old
  • Senior at Carroll University majoring in Computer Science with a Software Engineering emphasis
  • First Valve game: Half-Life.
  • Contributions to the VDC - Here
  • Mapping process

My Abilities

  • Programming Langauges: C#/Java, C/C++, HTML/CSS/XML, PHP/ASP, SQL
  • Modeling Programs: Hammer, DeleD, trueSpace
  • Image Editing Programs: Photoshop CS3, Paint.NET
  • Other: VMWare (and VIX API), Sony VEGAS

My Interests

My Ambitions

  • I am more than happy to help anyone with a programming or level design question. When I'm not working or in class, I will usually be here or on Steam.
  • I hope to get a software engineering job at a major game designer sometime after I graduate. However, I wouldn't mind being a level designer either since I enjoy both and they go hand in hand.

My Contacts

My Work


de_nuke_rem was my first Source map and was set to be a direct CS:S port of the CS map, de_nuke. I started work on it very shortly after the Source SDK was released. The scale and layout was set to be an exact replica of the original but with updated graphics. Sadly it was lost in a hard drive failure (lessons have been learned regarding backing up) and was never released to the public.

De nuke rem2.jpg
De nuke rem4.jpg
De nuke rem5.jpg
De nuke rem6.jpg
De nuke rem8.jpg
De nuke rem10.jpg
De nuke rem11.jpg


My first Portal map created in November 2007. It took me about 7 days (~20 hours) to complete it. Download available here (Mirror).

Remmizchamber1 1.jpg
Remmizchamber1 2.jpg
Remmizchamber1 3.jpg


The second map in my Remmiz Test Chamber series created in December 2007. Download available here (Mirror).

Remmizchamber2 1.jpg
Remmizchamber2 2.jpg
Remmizchamber2 3.jpg
Remmizchamber2 4.jpg


The third map in my Remmiz Test Chamber series which follows a Companion Cube style created in June 2008. Download available here (Mirror).

Remmizchamber3 1.jpg
Remmizchamber3 2.jpg
Remmizchamber3 3.jpg
Remmizchamber3 4.jpg
Remmizchamber3 5.jpg