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Level Designer for the Source Engine, and also currently the Project Leader for the Half Life 2 Mod called Lost Industry 2.

Personal Data

  • Name:-------------Bérces Bendegúz Péter
  • Sex:--------------Male
  • Born:-------------1999 January 4th
  • Nationality:------Hungarian



  • Depot (A Counter Strike: Global Offensive Hostage Rescue map, released in August 2nd, 2015. Inspired by an abandoned building where Peredice played paintball. )
  • Park (A Counter Strike: Global Offsensive Surf map, released in Jun 25th, 2017 for a mapping contest called Combat Surf Mapping Contest, this entry only got a honorable mention.)
  • Trade_Hopi_Plaza_tp (A Team Fortress 2 trade map, originaly made by Hopi, but edited and developed by for months by Peredice for a Hungarian server called Ownswat. The Map is discontinued.)
  • tf_battle_royale (A custom battle royale mod for Team Fortress 2 for a Hungaian server called Ownswat. With the server config made by KoltaiArmy it was a fully functioning team-based battle royale mod for Team Fortress 2. The Project is discontinued.)
  • Supply Sabotage (A Team Fortress 2, 3 staged payload map, released in July 19th, 2017, Got a 5 Star rating on Steam and was under development for a whole year.)
  • Lost Indsutry 1 (A Half Life 2: Episode 2 level, originally was a test level, but made into a fully playable map, it got more attention than Peredice expected, so he started working on a sequel, a seperate mod with 4 maps planned.)
  • Lost Industry 2 (A mod for Source Base 2013: Singleplayer, in-develpoment currently, a sequel mod for the map called Lost Indsutry.)

--Peredice (talk) 10:59, 9 April 2019 (UTC)