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About me

I'm a french guy, involved in so many projects that I don't even have the time to refresh my own user page. You should just remember that I'm a quick learner mostly dedicated to coding and mapping. Also, I'm not really a powered wiki user, I'm just trying to correct and add stuff everywhere I can (trying to write things in a somewhat proper english).

For a few years (ten years in fact), I made maps as a pastime, for my pleasure only. Any complaint on framerate or gameplay stuff was considered annoying because I was all about design, beauty and stuff. I wasn't considering myself as a skilled gameplay oriented level-designer. Now that I gained a bit more experience, I'm somewhat more involved in the player's pleasure. I recently worked on and leaded the Portal: Prelude mod and the I Hate Mountains Left 4 Dead campaign.


I'm the author of these few maps :


You can find my creations, maps, tutorials and so on here :