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Development of this map has stopped. Maybe I'll finish it later but I don't have any plans to do it. --MrThompson 14:11, 9 May 2008 (PDT)

On this page I will put any info of ctf_unknown. You can put any suggestions/questions on the talk page.


File:Ctf unknown schets.png
A sketch of the map (tunnel not included). Click for larger picture

ctf_unkown(temporarily name) is a 2fort like Capture the Flag map. It has water in the middle, a tunnel from there, a sniper place and of course the office where the Intelligence is located. On the image you can see a topdown view of the map and some sketches around it. They are a bit different from the final map, because they were made in an early stage of development.

Update 2 - 12 Jan 2008

Click for larger picture
File:Ctf unknown0015.jpg
Click for larger picture

Main Hall and Intelway room

Made some decorations for these rooms, that's basicly it.

File:Ctf unknown0016.jpg
Click for larger picture
Click for larger picture


Added some lamps and having some issues with the square shadows in the tunnel. If anyone knows how to fix that please put it on the talk page. //This is now fixed.

Update 1 - 5 Jan 2008

Click for larger picture
File:Ctf unknown0006.jpg
Click for larger picture

The Spawnroom

This is the spawnroom. It has the basic decorations. Not much of interest here.

Click for larger picture
File:Ctf unknown0007.jpg
Click for larger picture

Main Hall

The picture on the right is of the room where you get out of spawn. It has three ways out, One goes outside(the right one), the one where you can see the door goes to the intelroom and another goes to the underwater tunnel. Not much decoration done.

On the left you can see the small hallway to the underwater tunnel. Lampmodels will be added soon.

File:Ctf unknown0011.jpg
Click for larger picture
File:Ctf unknown0012.jpg
Click for larger picture

Intelway & Intelroom

On the left a picture of the hallway going up to the intelroom and on the right the intelroom. It's still has some empty walls but that will change. The reason why it's so big is because I want to let the player know the the boss of the business is real important and get's the largest office.

That's all for now.