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== Introduction ==
Hi, and welcome to my page. I don't know why you're here but since you are, let me introduce myself:
* '''Real Name:''' Thomas
* '''Sex:''' Male
* '''Country of Origin:''' The Netherlands
== Experience with Hammer ==
Not much, I've made a very simple map for CounterStrike: Source, tried another big map and I started a CTF TF2 map, but I never finished those one. All and all my Hammer experience is a couple of months. The times I work on my map is only about half an hour each time, so it doesn't go really fast.
== Current Projects ==
Currently I'm not working on a 2fort like TF2 map. It's name is: <Enter mapname here>. Yes, that's right, it doesn't have one yet. If you have any suggestions don't put them on it's [[User_talk:MrThompson/TF2 Mapping|talk]] page.
You can follow it's progress on [[User:MrThompson/TF2 Mapping|here]].
== Other Info ==
Some other (useless) information.
=== Contact information ===
* '''SteamID:''' MrThompson
* '''Emailadress:''' mrthompson[at]boontex[dot]com
* '''Website:''' [http://mrt.tijnema.info Click]
If you want my MSN, just ask me via steam or email me.
=== Steam games owned ===
* Audiosurf
* Bullet Candy
* Codename Gordon
* Counter-Strike
* CounterStrike: Condition Zero
* CounterStrike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes
* Counter-Strike Source
* Deathmatch Classic
* Dark Messiah Might and Magic
* Day of Defeat
* Day of Defeat: Source
* FlatOut2
* GarrysMod
* Half-Life
* Half-Life 2
* Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
* Half-Life 2 Episode One
* Half-Life 2 Episode Two
* Half-Life 2 Lost Coast
* Peggle Extreme
* Portal
* Ricochet
* SiN 1
* SiN Episodes: Emergence
* Team Fortress 2
* The Ship
{{note|I'm too lazy to make them links, so you will have to search for yourself :P}}

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