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26b8b117ec9453261534b3afe441e0f3566f8913_full.jpg FATAL_ERROR, Lane | Andrew | (RU) Orenburg, Russian Federation |

Greetings, amigos!


Who am I

Pilot of Game Apocalypse

I play games... 
I have over 50 games. The whole list of my games.
My favorite games are: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Portal 2, Starbound, Goat Simulator, Team Fortress 2, Serious Sam series, Pokemon portable editions + Go, Quake II & IV.

Game Developer

Actually, I'm good level designer. I am making maps since ~February of 2016.
Check my Workshop out and don't forget to follow me and rate my maps!
FATAL_ERROR's Workshop


I give away all skins, that costs less then 0.02$ and all cases to orphanage.

Министр культуры Димитриевского Королевства.

Да здравствует король Дима и его подданные!


I want to make a Source Engine (probably 2007) based mod. And I need help. :)

I need:
Technical developing

- Level designer (in Valve Hammer Editor)
- Modder (a guy who knows how to set up a Source 2007 and/or Source 2013 mod)
- Programmer (C++)
- Modeller (in Blender, Maya, 3ds Max or etc.)
- Other roles (materials, particles, sounds, choreography) 

Non-direct developing

- Screenwriter (a guy who can compose a story for a mod/game)
- Tester (advanced gamer who finds bugs in-game and tells the mod's/game's advantages and disadvantages)
- Public relationer (a guy who always check community)
- Filmmaker (a user of Source Filmmaker, videomaker)
- Artist (a guy who can draw nice)
- Voice (a nice-speaking guy who can voice a character)
- Composer (musician)

Contact me with me via E-mail [email protected] (add [Mod Dev] tag to the subject) or via Steam.

Projects I am working on

1. CS:GO Map - [Robbery] Depository

With brand new game mode...
Ready: layout, details.
Needs: layout additions, game mode 

2. Source Mod - Unnamed

This is a physics puzzle (as Half-Life 2) game.
Ready: configuration.
Needs: everything! plot, levels, dev team...

3. Another CS:GO maps...


Name: Andrew
Age: 15 (old)
State: Russia



If you wanna help me with development, contact with me. Any help will be accepted, regardless of your skill. ;)
E-Mail: [email protected]
Steam: Profile comments or PM (add as friend)