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Name Matt Kelley
Age 31
Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States (EN)
  • Associate in Applied Science of Computer Networking Systems (ITT '10)
  • Bachelor of Science of Information Systems Security (ITT '13)
Steam ID mattshu67
Facebook Matt Kelley
Member since 2:05pm, December 19, 2010 (3729 days and counting)

Notable VDC Contributions

☑ VDC-wide upgrade of the {{otherlang}} template to otherlang2.
☑ Update translated pages that contain {{DISPLAYTITLE}} to {{otherlang2|title=}}
☑ Revised the Help:Editing page for easier navigation and less clutter.
☑ VDC-wide upgrade of the {{wrongtitle}} template to {{DISPLAYTITLE}}.
☑ Marked all unnecessary and/or unused templates for deletion.
☑ Wrote a small tutorial on creating curved hallways.
☐ ?