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{{base point|logic_retard}} It is used to calculate the circumference of all retards in any multiplayer server.
When the map is compiled, all retards are calculated to the square root of Pi and rounded to the nearest tenth of an Android user.
Once all Android users have been estimated, Nintendo fanboys are searched by VBSP. However, the value will always read <code>0</code> due to the fact that Nintendo fanboys have a slim chance of actually playing on reasonable hardware.
Many logic_retard functions are typically used by new mappers who are too ignorant to use [[Squirrel]].
== Keyvalues ==
{{KV|Name|string|intn=targetname|The [[targetname]] that other entities refer to this entity by.|nofgd=1}}
{{KV|Retard Amplification Scale|integer|This number determines how many retards can be calculated within the Tri-state area of the user's IP Address. (This feature usually causes bugs and use of it is not recommended.)}}
{{KV|Retard Detection Type|integer|(Values 1-3) This number tells VRAD which subcategory of retards to calculate.}}
== Inputs ==
{{IO|ActivateRetardation|Activates targeted func_retard and searches for retards.|since=L4D2|nofgd=0}}
{{IO|CancelSearch|Cancels the search for retards and disables the entity.|since=CSGO|nofgd=0}}
[[Category:IO System]]

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