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Campaign 1.5


  • Name: Unnamed as yet
  • Type: Campaign
  • Chapters: 5 eventually, none so far

Bridging the gap between No Mercy and Death Toll, this campaign takes place on the edge of the city you start in.


  • Chapter 1: You start off at a small helipad on the edge of the city. The terminal (consisting of only 1 gate, security and entrance area) is crawling with infected, but you need to push through at get out. The main door, however, is barricaded. With no hope of getting through it any time soon, you head for a fire exit at the side, of course, the alarm goes off when the door is opened (panic event). Across the street, you head through a cafe, into a small courtyard with a safe house opposite in an apartment block.
  • Chapter 2: Fight your way up the 3 or 4 floors of the apartment block onto the roof, and across into an office, then back down to another safe room. A panic event along the way.

As you can tell, the story is still in it's early development! It culminates in a finale event in a bus depot. You need to turn the power on to recharge a buses battery, attracting the horde. Any contributions and constructive criticism is greatly appreaciated!