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Name Konstantinos Mihalenas
Age 13
Location Thessaloniki, Greece Gr.jpg
Steam ID LDinos
Youtube LDinos
Gmail [email protected]

My life

I am a boy who likes spending his time on the computer, using the youtube everyday and working with Source SDK (in other words, with hammer).

I like creating maps for Portal 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2 and I may try creating maps for older games like Half life.

I like talking/having friends in Steam and in youtube. I will test ANY mods/demos/betas! I will accept any helps you want and I will try to help you with hammer!

I am ALWAYS online in Steam so you can contact me at any time

I've also tried to make hats for Team Fortress 2 but my first hats are awful, with the ending of deleting them from the workshop.