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[[Image:Lancelotav_v5.jpg|right|My current avatar]]
Welcome to my profile page. Here you can find out all the wonderful things I do. I'm still working on building it up.
This is where I list all the work I've done, and works in progress. I currently have a few on the go right now.
Contact information is at the bottom of the page.
This is a list of various projects I've worked on, and that are in progress.
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====Lance's Lab====
'''Status:''' In Progress
My first map. I'm using it to learn about and test features of the source engine. Currently it's just a mess of orange dev textures and random entities. The end goal is to have a canal like those in City 17 out front, with a hidden entrance to a rebel facility. From there the player can go past an airlock into a centre area. This will have access to an armoury, and security office with a storage bay down the hallway. There will also be a large elevator to provide access to the rest of the base. Once the base is complete I want to expand the outside area to include another rebel hideout, but that's further down the line once I learn more. It originally set out with the end goal of being a nice lab for me to do my Wiremod work in, but it's grown past that.
Planned Features:
*Lots of cameras for a security system with sound
*A full security system, with gates, sirens, blast doors and more, all controllable from a centre command station.
*Fully noded for use with NPCs.
*Have buttons that can simulate combine assaults or zombie swarms.
*Have birds flying around that respawn for fun games of 'duck hunt'.
*A full transit system for players and materials throughout the facility, and to the surface.
These are shots from various stages in development of the map.
File:Dm_lance_wire_labdevshot1.jpg|Looking at the security office from the centre foyer.
File:Dm_lance_wire_labdevshot2.jpg|A view from one of the two cameras on the map at the time.
File:Dm_lance_wire_labdevshot3.jpg|The camera capturing that view. The point_camera is parented to the prop, and a button on the wall deploys/retracts it.
File:Dm_lance_wire_labdevshot4.jpg|The other camera outside the main door, also with the point_camera parented so it follows the animations.
File:Dm_lance_wire_labdevshot5.jpg|A shot of the armoury. It currently only has ammo for AR2s, SMG1s, grenades, and a HEV Suit.
File:Dm_lance_wire_labdevshot6.jpg|A console that can be turned on and off which displays the camera on several screens. The sparks come from the top panel which 'doesn't work'.
File:Dm_lance_wire_labdevshot7.jpg|A shot of the crane in the testing field. There's a stack of containers out of the frame.
File:Dm_lance_wire_labdevshot8.jpg|A shot from the driver cab of the crane.
File:Dm lance wire lab devshot9.jpg|The bottom of the first elevator. I also put a ladder going up the shaft. The door to access the rest of the facility is out of view here.
File:Dm lance wire lab devshot09.jpg|The top of the elevator shaft in Hammer. It takes 5 logic entities to run everything, and won't run until the powerbox is activated.
<table border="0">
====Portal: Access All Areas====
[[File:Portal_accessallareas.png|thumb|alt=The Access All Areas logo. Created by me.|The Access All Areas logo. Created by me.]]
'''Status:''' In Progress
The mod [[Portal-Access_All_Areas|Access All Areas]] is one currently in the Alpha Development stage. I was recently taken on the team as the [[Portal-Access_All_Areas#The_Team|Media Manager]]. I am a mapper, sound-effects creator, graphical design and overall media manager. This includes any videos that get publicly released.
The mods storyline is still under development, as are all other aspects of the mod. If you want to keep track of the mod you can watch the [[Portal-Access_All_Areas|mods VDC page]] or the [http://www.moddb.com/mods/portalaccess-all-areas ModDB page.]
*Created a new logo (right)
*Will be editing the script
*Currently making two large maps
====City 49====
'''Status:''' Concepts and Initial Design
City 49 is a mod that will cover the experiences of several people living in Vancouver, B.C. as they try escape Combine forces and survive the Seven Hour War. It's been bouncing around my head for a while now, and I'm now officially saying this mod is under way in the initial design phases. If you happen to be living in B.C. you'll find this especially interesting.
Once I have more concrete plans and details worked out for the plot I'll look at assembling a team to start production.
*[[Successful_Mod_Team_Tips#Communication_and_work_flow|Successful Mod Team Tips - Communication and Work Flow]]
*[[Npc_combinegunship|Combine Gunship]]
*[[Hammer_Vertex_Tool#Only_Split_Once|Hammer Vertex Tool - Only Split Once]]
If you want to see my raw contributions list it can be found [[Special:Contributions/Lancelot|here]].
You can leave a message on [http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/User_talk:Lancelot My Talk Page]

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