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Walkbehind.png Hello I'm a mapper/modder/3d modeler/artist usually on the site looking up information and occasionally adding information regarding anything I could contribute (Whew!). If you need to contact me, feel free to post in the discussion.

You can contact also me Through one of these other sites as well

Steam Profile

YouTube Channel

TWP Profile

Mod DB Profile

Article Contributions

Hammer Menus

Engine Tools


Console Commands

Note.png Note: If there is any questions or if somthing is vague in one of these articles. Don't hesitate! Say so in the discussion page.

Current Projects

VDC Related

Documentaion of the engine tools (Whatever is left to document)
Alternative Multi-Stop Elevator (Different solution to the current Multi-stop elevators tutorial)


We will announce our mod when ready to do so (When we get to Beta)
(Small Hint: Runs off the source engine)