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Hiya! I'm Kizzycocoa.

I'm the creator of Chamber One, and in a development group working on Portal-Access All Areas. I am also the sole admin of Minecraft's ModDB page, which is a side-hobby to me.

I'm an MSPaintAdventures enthusiast, and have various roleplay profiles. I also love playing minecraft, as is evident.

Generally, I'm at my laptop, playing games, mapping or moderating over wikis and moddb pages. I also create some art now and then, professional logo stuff and general MSPA-styled stuff. That's pretty much all I do.

I generally like organisation. I helped run the Minecraft wiki to make it better, and I ran the ModDB cake campaign, which at time of typing, has ended. I am usually very optimistic, as often shown in IRC, online and in emails. Sometimes, I do go overboard, leading to mod scuffles or threats of banning, but that's just who I am. I often use smilies to help convey in what tones I am speaking. I generally get misunderstood in how I say/type things, so they just help. I try to ensure anyone trying to contact me has an answer, so I'll more than likely reply to any questions and help!

Mod work

Wiki work

I am making tutorials for

  • A:Chamber One
  • B:to inform others
  • C:to make sure the good tutorials are even made

feel free to contact me at: [email protected]