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Hello, and welcome to my User Page. My name is Jurgen Knops (21) and live in The Netherlands. Since 1998 I’d played my first shooter – coincidence or not – it was Half-Life. The game fascinated me, so I started to play online – including the official mods Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat. The last one did start me to map for Half-Life and Day of Defeat, in a later stadium I'd decided to code with the SDK. When the release of Half-Life 2 became a fact, I started to begin modding for the Source Engine, just for myself and for own purposes.

   Things I’ve done

  • March 2005, I'd wrote (translated) a Dutch version of the standard Model Viewer. This with great honour of the Dutch Half-Life 2 Community. Unfortunately the latest Steam version (V3) doesn’t support this translated version anymore. Maybe in a further stadium of my programming experience (read: when I want to take the time for it) I’ll create a new version of this Model Viewer.

  • July 2005 to July 2006, I'd playtested the Half-Life 2 modification ‘From Coastline to Atmosphere’ from Leon Stephen Brinkmann. I'am also the creator of the ‘keycard’-model which gives the player - at a certain moment - access to another part of the mod. Against all expectations, this simple model will be back in Leon's upcoming mod ‘Strider Mountain’.

  • September 2006 to April 2007, I translated a group of articles for the Dutch version of the Steam Support Wiki.

   Things I do

  • Since begin 2004 to ?, I try to create my own modification, which is based on trains. Trains? Yes, it’s a kind of obsession for me, because I’m also a driver of them. The intention of this project is in it’s first place to get myself up-to-date with the Source Engine features (in the case to help other people with their problems) and second to answer the question ‘what should, and also, what could I do with my ideas on the engine’.

  • Since May 2005, I became as an administrator for – The greatest Half-Life 2 Community of The Netherlands.

  • Since October 2007, I became as a volunteer for the Stoom Community Group – The greatest Steam Community Group for Dutch and Flemish gamers.

   Other information and/or references