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Member of the VDC, Black Mesa Forums, and TWHL. Level designer for Goldsource and Source, with experience in Starcraft, Warcraft III, Unreal, and Gamebreyo engines. Video Game enthusiast for most genres.

Colony 42

My latest project is Colony 42, a Spirit of Half-Life mod where the player is Oscar Guthrie, a maintenance officer on-board a space colony when it is attacked by aliens.

  • Predisaster maps: 100%
  • Postdisaster maps: 75-ish%
  • Story arc: 80-ish% written/prepared
  • Models: 90%
  • Textures: ???-100%

I have not determined a set amount of maps for the mod, nor how many textures and models I will use as of yet. It is likely that all the models needed have been included or made.