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I've only just learnt how to use source, mostly for making maps for Half Life 2, but if anyone needs a playtester or a rookie map maker, I'm your man. :)

Oh and by the way, i'm only 15 so i have no experience in programming.

Currently, i'm working on a Black Mesa type half life 2 mod. Half Life 2: Dark Matter

If anyone wants to ask anything, feel free to edit this page.

Hi, I'm Bya, you can call me Josh if you want. I may be working for Black Mesa Source soon, but until I buy HL2 (I made the mistake of buying the console version), just let me know! I'd love to work on Dark Matter with you! Send me a email at [email protected]

Hey dude my name is schmitty, sry not going to release real name but tis my nickname, I took a one week crash course for mapping in halflife 2. I have been using it for a while so i know a crap load about how to map now. Im teaching my self how to mod, such as scripture. EX: like changing the speed or damage on guns. Im also trying to teach my self some modleing programs, the only one im working on is xsi, since that seems to be the one most used by valve. I like your photos of the map u got so far. Im really knew to this page and the whole team modding stuff so ur going to half to explain that to me but give me your steam address and ill send u a friend invite and ill talk to u there, since this isnt the most effiecent way of chating.

Hello. I'm Lancelot, which is the name I use in game. If you could post your steam name I'll add you and we can talk properly. This isn't really an efficient method. :/

Ok, I guess I owe you guys an apology. About two months after I wrote this before any of you replied, my computer went through a series of "breakages" involving not only the loss of all of my mapping software and files, but also the loss of all of my work from the last eight years. I was not exactly happy. Anyway, the point is after all this time I have only now gotten back to the point where I might even consider mapping again after trying to get my computer and life generally sorted out. However, I'm afraid with the soul destroying loss of all my maps I have unfortunately lost interest in Dark Matter, so as of now the project is now dead. I appreciate your responses but I apologise for the inability to finish what some of you may have been looking forward to. Sorry again. Goliath.

Bummer. Well stuff happens. Feel free to buzz if you ever feel like re-activating it. -Lancelot