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About me

Under nickname Gectou4 (or shorten as G4) I'm a young men (sorry I'm not a lady!) who have start leveldesign to extend gaming experience when a game is done.

I started it on Age of Emprie II as RTS, and Half-Life 1 as FPS.

Now, I manage a mod and a community of level designer after my current occupation (developer R&D)

If you want to know more, you can check my personal website (Fr) or contact me :)


French level design community forum

As Content writer & Administrator


Perfect Dark:Source

Player yesterday, creator tomorrow...

The concept of this game is the dream of all fanatic players... We are making this MOD for our pleasure... And undoubtedly

for yours!

As Level Design & Leader

pdark_logo_test_05_small.jpg or on this wiki


For French sorry :) (or ask me one?)

Vous pouvez trouvez mes des tutoriels sur ma page de [1] où dans le lots de ceux présents dans la catégorie Française de ce wiki.

D'autres sont disponibles sur Mapping-Area susmentionné.


Online  :

Offline :