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About Me

I am an independent developer for the Source Engine, specializing in Hammer map creation. I primarily enjoy making mods and maps for Portal, although I try to incorporate elements mainly found in other games (like Half-Life 2). I also like reskinning props and game elements for fun.

Articles I've Written

Actually, I haven't written any pages yet. However, I do plan on writing a page on prop modeling with Google Sketchup and a page on creating a simple Portal Testchamber Interlock. EDIT: It appears that this has already been done. Never mind!

I am creating a Portal mod entitled "Portal: Stay Inside." Here's the link to the page. It's still in pre-alpha stage, so don't expect too much yet.

  • Little Known Fact: I've created a mod to showcase part of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, which is, for the record, a good book.