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FuzzDad (AKA Wes Shull) is the contracted level designer for dod_glider, dod_falaise, dod_flugplatz, and para_glider from various dod versions. He assisted with the entity work on dod_escape, dod_jagd, and dod_northbound. He did the touch-up map work on DOD 1.3's dod_donner and participated in the first beta trials of DOD:Source. He wrote the detail texture files that were included in dod ver 1.2 and 1.3 and released dod_factory, para_raiders, dod_phun, and dod_anvil as custom maps. His son John Shull (AKA Fuzz) was one of the original founding members of DOD prior to its assimulation into Valve. He is also extremely old and crotchety and occasionally passes out from working 24-7 on whatever map he's putzing with. Here are some really small pictures that are hard to see showing his work. For more details go to his boring old fart website

dod_anvil1_thumb.jpg dod_anvil2_thumb.jpg dod_anvil3_thumb.jpg dod_anvil4_thumb.jpg dod_anvil5_thumb.jpg

Here's the latest version of dod_anvil and a change log:

Change Log:

1) Support for 32 players 2) Pathways re-directed to eliminate passing under spawns 3) Added detail (may run a tad slower on some systems) 4) Spawn protection zone identified more clearly 5) Mini-map added 6) Some doors are now useable 7) Fixed all posted bugs 8) Slight adjustment in Axis one cap location 9) Better interior lighting 10) Axis sniping position (overlooking Allied 1) expanded to somewhat match similar sniping position pointing at Axis 1 11) Minor repositioning of sandbagged locations 12) Made spawn exits to respective two caps more equitable 13) Expanded range of caps on all objectives 14) All files packed into the bsp for easy upload/download

Unzip to maps w/o using the folder names or unzip to your day of defeat source directory and use the paths.