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Hello, Its me FrozenArmageddon, The soule admin of "Frozen's Playground" (sometimes called FrozenGrounds becaus of charecters limit ._.')

Currently, I got 2 W.I.Ps:
  • FL remake of "Flobots - Handlebars" [allready did the main drum beat, now all other instruments]
Cpp Coding:
  • Half-Life 2 and SplinterCell hybrid called Infeltration (name may change in the future).

If you want to participate in any W.I.P you need to send me a message by any way. -or- Write yourself down at the "Developers" list below and add a (P) before your name, and add your email\Steam Username\Xfire ID. [You don't have to own any big skills at anything to be a developer, and work with me, only becaus I am new to allmost evrything myself...]

Infeltration developers list [a.k.a the short credits]:

Main administrator, Suprevisor, Idea-Man, Sketcher, Mapper

Frozen Armageddon

last edit by Frozen Armageddon at 04:50, 29 Oct 2008 (PDT).