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Foolster41 is a hobby writer, gamer and game designer int he pacific northwest. He is currently working on two maps for team fortress.

SD_Oasis is a map set in a desert tourist-ish shoping area that has been abandoned. A perfect place for two warring corperations to take out their agressions on each other! Features two sniper posts on either side (a water tower and a building), a mall with narrow corridors in the alley on the left and the mall across the street for pytos and heavys. This is a sudden death map.

SB_Industry is Inspired loosely on SI_Industry (I think that's the map name, Havn't played S&I in a while), this map is a new twist on the intelligence capture mission. Only this time your enemy's capture room starts in your own building! Your mission is to take the bomb in a suitcase to your opponent's base in order to destroy it. I'm hoping to make it so you have to hold it there for a few seconds to improve gameplay (Just brinign ti may be too simple). The map is two buildings across from each other. Each building has a front door by the reception area, a back door and a way to leap across on the roof. The intelligence room on the second floor and the loading room is around a wall on the first floor.