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Hello, the name's FittyYen AKA Josh the crazy frenchorn guy. I recently got into modding, so I've no idea how to do anything yet but I am willing to learn and I seem to grasp the basics quickly. Currently interested in level design, game design, and testing but willing to give anything a shot.

Boy its been a long time since i updated this...

Name: Josh Linares

Age: 17

Located in: TX, USA, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy

Interests: Modding, level editing, game design (overall game development stuff)

Currently: finding new pointless skill to learn,recruiting for, and working on SnowBall: Source and documenting new mod ideas (ask me about helium wars)

Favorite stuff: (TV Show) Doctor Who and House, (Food) Chinese, (Animal) hedgehogs/chinchillas, (Class) US History,(site), (machinima) Leetworld, RvB can go burn

Current Project:Snowball Source Title nobg.png