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  • Anyone ever read the Eragon series? It's awesome. What if there's a multiplayer online mod where you choose your side:
  • Empire, Terrotories of Du Weldenvarden, Beor Mountains, Surda
  • Varden, Terrotories of Vroengard, Alagaesia (not owned), Hadarac Desert
then race:
  • Elf - not so strong with weapons, not so tough Fast, Great with magic
  • Human - Strong, Tough, good with magic, medium speed
  • Dwarf Very Strong, Very Tough, poor with magic, slow
Elite (Requires very high level)
  • Dragon - very strong, very fast, weapons are different type of fire but not so good, good with magic, very tough

  • Urgal - Very Very strong, not so tough, no weapons, very slow, not good with magic,

Letherblaka Very Very fast, Strong, OK with Magic, Tough

  • Ra'Zac - Verry Very fast, strong, not so tough, ok with magic
  • Human - Strong, Tough, good with magic, medium speed
Elite (Requires very high level)
  • Shade - very strong, very fast, very strong with weapons, great with magic, not so tough
then your Proffesion:
Magician - Magic is your main ability, you use the spells of the ancient language for protection and firepower in battle
Craftsman/Soldier - Great with weapons, you can make your own, or use others, but not so good with magic

--- That was the character, here's idea of the game:

  • You start out in the territory designated to your side and race, then your section in that you selected for a proffesion, you proggress, with learning abilities, spells, how to make weapons, use htem, level up, become more powerful, you can do Storyline, still mulitplayer, trying to beat your opposing side, never winning, try to unlock everything, try to get all abilities, spells, weapons, get everything!!!! Infact, now that i think about it, it seems alot like Guild Wars if anyone's played it.

Half life 2: Skyline

This is an idea i had for a mod.

  • I need 1 or two other people to help me out.
  • Idea of the game:
  • You are Gordan Freeman, the Resistance and the Vortigaunts are working on a couple big projects, they need all the help they can get, so they barely have any protection. It's up to you, Gordan Freeman, to defend your allies. THey send you to the rooftops with a Sniper and a Crowbar to defeat your enemies. The Sniper is a reskin of the crossbow, but a bit more powerful, and can hold three shots before needing to be reloaded instead of 1. You have a default jump pack that you use to jump long gaps to go from rooftop to rooftop.
  • Three Gamemodes: Defender, Assassin, and Protector:
    • Defender - You fight wave after wave of enemies with your sniper to kill enemies coming for the Resistance. You are only on one building, no Jump Pack.
    • Assassin - You use your Jump Pack to go from rooftop to rooftop finding mobs of small groups of enemies in City 17 to eliminate them to stop further invasions. Many buildings, with Jump Pack.
    • Protector - The Resistance and/or Vortigaunts need to save civilians requiring them to leave there safe house. You need to protect them from the baddies that want to eat them. You protect the Resistance and kill baddies, yay! One Building. With Jump pack for traveling NPCs
    • Skyrunner - You distract enemies with the jump pack and the crossbow constantly changing buildings hidindg under rubble to avoid Helicopters so your allies can easily rom the streets while you take all of the fire. Poor Gordan.
  • Upgrades - Of course, there will be upgrades in the game:
    • Like explosive shots for when your zoomed in as a sniper and want to take out a large group of enemies.
    • Or turret power! Your sniper has about 200 ammo,a nd you dont need to reload, but you're constantly firing.
    • Grow (Low Grav) Makes it easier to jump from building to building, without wasting Jump pack fuel.
  • I need 1 or two other modders to help me, this is what i need:
    • Map Designer: I can do it
    • Model/Weapon Designer
    • Face Poser/ NPC controller
  • This is a very simple project. I just need someone to change a skin of the crossbow, then add 3 bolts of the sniper before reload needed. And someone to mkae the NPCs do there thing in the beggining level explaining this game, and for and Protector maps.