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My Maps

Currently i have one completed map which is pretty small but is a really fun and quick map to play. It is semetrical with a somewhat mazelike hallway structure separating the two spawn points.

I also am almost completed my new map ea_govtbase. This map is an underground rocket launch facility with a launch bay a big labratory a sewer entry for the terrorists with more on the way. This map isent fully completed yet but i have the basic layout and the looks for the map all ready. It is a very large map with most of it being large warehouse areas which will be full of boxes and cargo containers that will provide lots of cover and a sort of jungle jim feel because you can jump up piles of boxes, hide around corners, surprise your enemys and so on. there are large vehicle size tunnals connecting alot of the map so that the cargo containers are actually something that doesent look out of place. the map is mostly concrete textures to give it an industrial look and It has a somewhat low light to it in most places to really bring out a good look.