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I'm a developer who is the master of scripting in Source Engine. I created some mods (Retzuit, Easimer RPG) but later I cancelled them. Now I developing a game, called Builder's Fight.

My mods

Easimer RPG

A simple RPG, with a lot of bugs. Cancelled forever, because files are deleted but the Easimer RPG universe is still in development.


Part of the Easimer RPG universe. This is the hospital's sanatorium from Easimer City. Cancelled forever, because files are deleted.

Builder's Fight

Not part of Easimer RPG universe. A basebuilding zombie survival. Only-singleplayer, friendly NPCs spawnable. You can build a base, sniper tower, bomber plane with crates, you can place zombies then switch to War! mode. War mode is not necessary, only-build mode (with a large map) is available.