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I'm a developer who is the master of scripting in Source Engine. I created some mods (Retzuit, Easimer RPG) but later I cancelled them. Now I developing a game, called Builder's Fight.
== My mods ==
=== Easimer RPG ===
A simple RPG, with a lot of bugs. Cancelled forever, because files are deleted but the Easimer RPG universe is still in development.
=== Retzuit ===
Part of the Easimer RPG universe. This is the hospital's sanatorium from Easimer City. Cancelled forever, because files are deleted.
=== Builder's Fight ===
Not part of Easimer RPG universe. A basebuilding zombie survival. Only-singleplayer, friendly NPCs spawnable.
You can build a base, sniper tower, bomber plane with crates, you can place zombies then switch to War! mode. War mode is not necessary, only-build mode (with a large map) is available.

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