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Flashlight Textures

Textures usable for Portal 2 env_projected_texture lights.

  • effects/flashlight001
128x128; Half-Life 2 flashlight.
  • effects/flashlight001_improved
256x256; rough circular light. Left 4 Dead flashlight?
  • effects/flashlight001_intro
256x256; clean square light.
  • effects/flashlight002
128x128; rough square light.
  • effects/flashlight003
128x128; as 002 with grid overlay.
  • effects/flashlight004
128x128; as 003 with faded edges.
  • effects/flashlight006
128x128; heavily distorted square light.
  • effects/flashlight007
128x128; focused rough circular light.
  • effects/flashlight_security001
256x256; clean ringed circular light.
  • effects/flashlight_moon
512x512; precise square.
  • effects/flashlight_border
64x64; low quality Half-Life 2 flashlight.