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One of My VMF's
My personal 1337 Wall of Doom.

Hi everyone, im dky.tehkingd.u, and I currently live in New York, USA.

Note.png Note: Don't ask about the name "dky.tehkingd.u". Its origin goes very far back.

Note.png Another Note: No, I am not as violent as my old username suggests. I kind of regret the name that I chose back when I was young and stupid, but I guess I'm stuck with it on this wiki now.

I started using the Source SDK (or more specifically, Hammer) many years ago. Fun fact: I had no clue that Hammer existed until I randomly stumbled upon it while getting bored of the model viewer.

"Hmm... what's this???"

Before Hammer, I created interesting environments within Half-Life 2 single-player maps using console commands, like "npc_create npc_vortigaunt" and stuff like that. In fact, I memorized a pretty large chunk of the cheat codes list on gamefaqs and had about half my keyboard binded to a console command of some sort. (I still do!)

Then, I realized that getting vortigaunts, zombies, combines, and citizens to fight endlessly over and over again got really, really boring. (If I hear a vort say "TO THE VOID WITH YOU!!!" one more time...)

Of course, I couldn't just sit there and be bored. I eventually stumbled upon the Source SDK and wondered "Hmm... what's this???" I installed it, used the model viewer for about an hour, and quickly got bored of that as well. Seeing nothing else to do, I clicked on the Hammer icon, again wondering "Hmm... what's this? It sounds pointless."

After a few weeks struggling my way through the beginner tutorials ("omgomghalpwatisaskyboxhowdouputthemintehmaps"), I eventually managed to pick things up on my own. Now, a full eight years later, I am one of the lead developers on the Black Mesa Hazard Course development team! My, how time flies.

I have yet to release any maps as personal projects. I used to work on one for HL2:Ep2. Before that, the project used to be a HL2 (non-episodic) map that totally sucked. It did not use standard brush widths, it was confusing, was prone to leaks, was impossible to optimize, and made use of very simple, hackish scripted sequences that barely worked half the time. I also realized that using a grid size of 1 simply does not work. Realizing that, I began redoing everything from scratch, on the Ep2 engine.

I also used to work on my own Portal test chamber whenever I got bored of my HL2 map. I got it pretty much done, but never bothered to light it properly. (Fullbright looks very ugly.)

Eventually, I stopped work on both the Ep2 map and the test chamber. Nowadays, I prefer to work with my teammates on the Black Mesa Hazard Course. Perhaps someday, when the time is right, I'll decide to revisit my old concepts.

--dky (talk) 05:14, 9 February 2015 (UTC)

Note.png Random Comment: As you can probably see by now, I like to fill up my user page with random, useless stuff.

The Great Hard Drive Crash

At some point, my hard drive got fried. I restored it, but lost about half of my files... including the aforementioned Portal Test Chamber in progress. Oh well.

Snipe Rifle

I created a Combine Snipe Rifle prefab for those who wanted one: Snipe Rifle Prefab!

It has a few limitations. Most notably, the laser beam is not infinite, due to apparent limitations with the env_beam entity. Also, the zoomed view does not go through the model scope, although that is probably fixable with proper application of point_viewcontrol.

Evil Laugh

My evil laugh.

Standard Version


MU × 1
HU × 1
HE × 4
HA × 8
HAI × 1
! × 5

Long Version


MU × 1
HU × 1
HE × 8
HA × 16
HAI × 1
! × 5

Short Version


MU × 1
HU × 1
HE × 2
HA × 4
HAI × 1
! × 3

Black Mesa Hazard Course

Hey guys! It's been a LONG time since I've actually updated my page. It's also been many years, and I've learned a helluva lot about life, the universe, the Source Engine, Level Design, programming, and just stuff in general since I was last active on the VDCW.

For starters, I'm now a lead developer on the Black Mesa Hazard Course dev team! w00t!


My, how times (and my skills) change... It seems like just yesterday I was pumping out this thing and wondering why it looked so ugly:


I also just go by the name 'dky', 'DKY', or the more tongue-twisty 'dky.tehkingd.u' now. It's probably for the best, considering that 'darthkillyou' probably gives the wrong impression of who I am. Plus, the name 'dky.tehkingd.u' gets me banned from fewer Counter-Strike servers for being 'too violent' now. (I never understood why they even bothered to check for that...)

Anyway, the VDCW is looking good! It's nice to be back.

--dky 17:23, 30 June 2014 (UTC)

Hazard Team Compile Tool

I've also picked up and vastly improved my programming skills since I was last here. I'm now majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering in college, which is pretty cool considering that I signed up for this site while I was still in middle school. Damn, time flies.

As part of my work on the Hazard Course development team, I created the Hazard Team Compile Tool (HTCT) as a convenient, user-friendly interface for sequentially performing compiles on all of the Hazard Course maps. It's pretty useful! We use it quite a bit at the Hazard Course dev team, for everything from lighting tweak compiles for single maps, to running final compiles on the entire sequence of VMFs.

HTCT in action!

I've recently put it into BETA stage, which means I'm also releasing it for others to use!

Download here:

If you do decide to give it a spin, be sure to shoot me a message if you find any bugs, or if you have any feature requests! ;)

Major props to qUiCkSiLvEr for creating the awesomely useful VBCT, which was my original inspiration for creating HTCT.