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● About Me ●

I'm Daedryon, the self proclaimed Prince of Madness.

My Steam username is Daedryon, and I'm a member of,, and I also play World of Warcraft (temporarily cancelled my subscription to focus on hosting my Team Fortress 2 server.

I will be taking up residence, so to speak, in the Team Fortress 2 Level Design section. I'll mostly be working on tweaking the articles about level design, and fixing things like bad grammar, unneeded capitalization, bad spelling, etc.

I no longer run my own Team Fortress 2 server, as my server host, nearly went out of business, until it was rescued and taken over by a friend of mine and his Steam Community. As well, I recently purchased a new XBOX 360 to replace my broken one, so I've taken a break from Steam and Hammer.

● Contact Me! ●
[email protected] - msn
Daedryon - xbox live gamertag