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Who is Daedalus?

Don't Carve!
Name Julian Thatcher
Age 20 as of January 22, 2007
Occupation Hobbyist Software Developer
Location Victoria, Australia
Email [email protected]
MSN [email protected]

Hello, I am Daedalus, otherwise known as Julian Thatcher.

I'm a coder at heart, but also love mapping. I've found mapping for HL2 to be one of the best experiences.

What has he contributed?



  • A tool to help people convert .tga images to .vtf (and create custom vtex option files and .vmt files), called HL2Tex.


What is he working on?

Main Project

I have become a developer for Master Blasters, a deathmatch-based mod powered by rocket launchers and jetpacks, and flavoured with some Super Smash Bro's gameplay.

Side Project

Currently still working on a mod called Hauntings, which is just basically a bunch of levels designed to spook the player. I wrote the VGUI_HTML_Screen code myself, then decided to upload it for the rest of the world to use.

Currently on hold as I work on the main project.